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Ban them all

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Back in the 90s I was watching the Winter Olympics and a German girl was competing in speed skating. The commentator mentioned that she had once been in figure skating and switched. When asked why she said because in speed skating the person that does best wins.

Judged sports have always been a mess in the Olympics but they have become absolutely corrupt these days. It started with the ice dancing scandal where judges from various countries traded scores. Then there was the same mess in the last Olympics with figure skating where the Canadians got squeezed out because of prearranged scores.

Now we have a complete mess in gymnastics. The Koreans protested the fact that two of their men's routines were undervalued. But during the performance of the man that would have won gold it became apparent that he violated an obvious rule in horizontal bars and should have been deducted .2 for the violation. Now they want to have Paul Hamm give his medal back because of the one oversight but don't acknowledge the other. Its a royal mess.

Personally, I think all the judged sports should be banned until they straighten out their problems. Gymnastics, ice skating, ice dancing, moguls, etc. Diving seems to be doing fairly well in keeping scores consistant so maybe it can stay.
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I take issue with this. I fail to see how a judged competition is indeed a sport. There is no direct competition, you do not beat your competitors. You perform and are judged - it is not cut-and-dry, but rather depense completely on judged external to the competition itself. I can't wait for an Olympic ballroom dancing scandal.
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here's to...

time expired and last outs.
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I'm with you on this Rio. I have huge repect for the athletic skills of the competitors, but no respect for how the winners are determined. Even boxing has been a major ugly example. Remember Korea? In their attempts to rectify the problem they've made olympic boxing one of the most boring sports to watch. Quick little poke punches with no power that are just meant to score a point. I'd fix it: send the judges home and just continue with 3 minute rounds untill someone can't beat the count or answer the bell.

And the other thing I would ban would be the fans. This olympics has been the worst display of fan misbehavior I've seen. Twice I've seen them stop competition, the most recent being during the mens 200 track event where they booed the American athletes so loudly the start of the race had to be repeatedly delayed. And that because of their belief that their Greek athletes removal from the event because of drug test problems was some type of American conspiracy. I guess the Greeks haven't evolved much from the early days of the Olympics when losers were assaulted.
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The Greeks don't want no freaks.
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Nice bit of stirring. Try watching the Atlanta games to see where the Greek crowd learnt their behaviour, or if you want an even better example, how about the Ryder Cup? A few years back, one of the local radio stations was offering $1000 prizes to get the the phone numbers for the houses that the European players were staying in. They would then call that competitor early in the morning. The title of the competition is why I remember it: "Waking up the enemy"
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SD -
Come on, the Greek fans are nothing compared to English soccer fans. I didn't hear of any US fans being put in the hospital or any riots in the street afterwards. Interpol doesn't keep files on notorious Greek fans like it does the English thugs.
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i believe the official moniker is hooligan(s).
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Very good point!
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Hooligans are idiots but unfortunately it's not just an 'English Disease'.

"In Greece, AEK Athens were banned from playing in their own stadium for four matches after their fans threw missiles and invaded the pitch during a Greek Cup tie with Olympiakos."

"Perhaps the most serious football-crowd disorder takes place in Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and South America where serious crowd rioting is much more common place than in the U.K."


As for Olympic boxing, it would have to be a whole lot worse before it gets anywhere close to professional boxing, "only in America could Don King happen". Most sports just tend to be run by money and that attracts corruption almost as much as it attracts advertising.
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The worst thing about sports is it not only attracts money but it also attacks inane patriotism whether its to your town, state or country. I think it is healthy to root for your team but it is unhealthy to take losing poorly whether its throwing objects, beating up opposition fans, harassing players the night before a game or bribing officials.

When I lived in Dallas in the early 80s I was surprised at the number of educated people that subscribed to the conspiracy theories about NLF refs rigging their losses to the Steelers in Superbowls. People went as far as believing they actually saw interviews where refs confessed to the corruption. Sometimes I think only Chicago Cubs fans are mentally healthy.....I would hate to see them start winning because it won't be good for them.
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Originally Posted by Rio
SD -
Come on, the Greek fans are nothing compared to English soccer fans. I didn't hear of any US fans being put in the hospital or any riots in the street afterwards. Interpol doesn't keep files on notorious Greek fans like it does the English thugs.
When I said worst display of behavior I was specifically making a comparison of the numerous Olympics I've watched; events which were originally formulated in the interest of promoting world harmony. What a wonderful gesture this Greek host nation has made in that regard.

As to your pointing out the asinine behavior of soccer fans, thanks, you only reinforce my point about the negative contributions of fans to sport. Not surprising though, is it? Here you have a group of pathetic people trying to live vicariously through the accomplishments of others. Not the highest order on the evolutionary ladder, to say the least.

Just look at some of other threads here and the emotional involvement of so many over whether a particular team wins or loses. It's so sad. I wonder if they know that the sports heroes they so worship and adore would have zero reciprocating interest in their humble little lives.

Personally, I could care less if these no life glory riders kill each other up in the stands, as long as they don't disrupt the competition on the field of play. Unfortunately, on field disruptions are what have happened repeatedly at Athens. Athletes who've trained so hard, for so many years to compete in this venue shouldn't have their Olympic experiences and performances degraded by a bunch of idiots who have no concept of the beauty of sport, as has happened here.

And it's not just here. I don't want to see it happen anywhere. I've seen a lot of it in my years, from little league games to world class venues. It's all bad. Fans need go out and live their own lives, and quit parasiting off the lives of others. Such a pitiful group.
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Originally Posted by ryan
The Greeks don't want no freaks.
right on Don!
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