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Rossignol Freeride Boots

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Have a friend skiing the Freeride XXX and loves them but the flex is about 95-105, question is the Freeride XL, a ladies boot is rated 55-65, obviously the flex is very soft. I'm alittle concerned but supposedly the trend is towards a softer flexing boot with more lateral stiffness especially with mid-fat or fat skis, I ski both. Does anyone have any feedback on these boots, either personal or clients?
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I've put a few ppl in the Rossi Freeride X and XL and have had pretty good reviews of them. They're damn hard to get on, but other than that, they're comfortable and perform well. The thing about these boots is they're for low volume feet people so if you have a wide foot, you're in for some pain. The cockpit technology is supposed to be very good...it allows for front to back softness but great lateral stiffness. If you're a racer or a really big burly heavy guy, go for the XX or XXX, but if you're not too big, go for the X.

Hope this helps.

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I have the Free Ride xxx and only weigh 145 they are sweet And I dont have much of a problem with them beeing to stiff unless im doing allot of jumping then my shins usually get brused and also they are almost impossible to get of sometimes especially when you have a hurt ankle.
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Rossi's are good boot. I am skiing in the Race 1 Pro, which yes is much stiffer than the freeride but has the same design and fit characteristics. They ski great. So if they fit, go for it.
About soft boots, one of the key reasons you are seeing hi-end soft boots is for the jibbers. As mentioned above about shin bang when landing, soft boots absorb the impact instead of your body.
I have been thinking about switching to a softer boot myself, but I figure I have a few more years of good body abuse before I need to go softer.
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Thanks so much for the replies, now I have to decide whether to buy end of the season or wait for the new fall lines. Hate the white but I don't think they'll change colors yet.
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