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Best Winter Ever

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What was your best winter?

Mine was the winter of '82-'83. I was a ski bum in Tahoe where it snowed, snowed and kept on snowing all winter. In fact, it started dumping around Thanksgiving and never stopped. At one point it snowed something like 30 out of 35 days. I worked at one of the smaller ski areas, Sierra Ski Ranch, and we would mostly ski around and shovel out lifts. It was a good job. On days off we would check out the bigger areas, Squaw, Alpine, Heavenly, Kirkwood. It was a good winter.
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winter 2000-01.

my first full season, which when you live in a city in a country that doesnt even have any proper mountians, is pretty exciting! pretty good snow year, and first time to CO. Got to ski the pow that everyone spoke of, and got to ski in the biggest and best snowpark I'd ever seen. First time that I started to seriously hike for pow, rather than a 10 min walk/shuffle to a patch of 'fresh' for 6-10 turns. Lots of good memories. For me, that also was a good winter.
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82-83. 100 year record for snow is Aspen.
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2000-2001. No real thaw in the east (other than rain on President's Weekend but there was enough snow that it didn't hurt too much) then good storms (12 to 24 inches each) starting the second week of March through early April. MRG was open April 29 with 100% of the mountain skiable. Then 80 degrees and rain ending the chance of May skiing on natural snow in the east. My first 30 day season.
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2004/05, everthing else is just history.
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1972-73. Just because.
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This is the 25th Anniversary...

...of my best season.

It was '79/80 and it was my first season as a guide in Jackson Hole.

It was a winter of above-average snowfall, but it came it bursts. We would have great powder skiing for a few days and then lulls where everything settled out. I had enough clients to have fun and make a little money but I also had enough free time to really take advantage of the best part.

The best part was the head guide who took me under his wing and taught me the fundamentals of backcountry skiing. He showed me more about snow, sun, wind, elevation, exposure, avalanches, storms, safety, route-finding, personality evaluation, and *skiing* than I could have learned in 20 years on my own. Until I watched him dance down a windpacked, chicken-headed 50-degree couloir, I didn't believe people could actually ski stuff like that. He taught me that I could ski things that scared the hell out of me and he also taught me how to back off when something didn't look or feel right.

Thinking back on all I learned and some of the places and people that season helped lead me to, there's just no question it was my best season ever.

Thanks for the little stroll down memory lane.

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'O4 - '05 for all the great new experiences I'll have.
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Nov 9 - Mammoth opened with several feet of natural.
February - Snow 24 out of 28 days for a total of over 20 feet. First winter on fats (Big Kahuna)
Powder days keep comin', busy training for Level 3 with all my friends.
April - Pass level 3 (1st try, third year instructing) as do most of my friends.
May/June - Epic corn, and late season pow. Skied "Top of the World" and "Kiwi Flat"; the steepest inbounds I have ever done.
June/ July - Great BC corn. My first Dana Couloir and Elery Bowl runs.
July 5 - Mammoth closes with an 8 foot base at Main Lodge.
Aug 20th - Last turns of the season at the Matterhorn Glacier (Sawtooths, Ca.) on good summer snow. Total days 182.

Great snow, great ski partners, huge new experiences. Wish I could do it again.
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