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Working at a small ski area in Central MA I sometimes see and hear some rather funny things from the people that come to the area. Here are a few of them:

"So, How do I work the brakes? The rental shop told me these have brakes."
(when brakes first came out)

I just don't understand it, when I bought these boots the flea market the guy told me Nordica was a good brand. I paid $5 dollars for them, they shouldn't have done that. (boots were probably early 80's and had superglue or some other kind of glue on a crack-which surprisingly isn't where this break occurred).

MOM - Ok, you go out and ski till lunch, then when you come in your brother will take your boots and ski 'til they close.
DAUGHTER -But mom, they put the ticket on my coat (she had a pretty, very pink coat on)
MOM - So before you come in, fall, rip the ticket off and when he's ready to go out he can take it to the desk and tell them it fell off.

AT THE SKI SWAP - About 15 years ago now, I was sitting at the money table and all of the others were busy - a little boy, I'll call him Jason, maybe 7 or 8 years old, comes walking into the lodge carrying his skis and boots. He sets the skis on the rack with the skis that are for sale, then takes his boots over to the boot rack.

He pulls out a pair of red boots and tries them on, they don't fit, he gets a bigger boot and tries it on, it fits. He takes the boots over to the skis and tries them in bindings. He finally finds a pair of skis that he thinks they fit into.

His grandfather's house is right behind the area so we thought nothing of it. His grandfather was a lawyer in town at the time. We figured his grandfather told him to come pick out some stuff and he would be over in a while to pay for it. Instead, Jason picks up the skis and heads to the door and starts to leave. I call out, "Whoa, Jason, where you going? He said, "I'm all set, I just swapped my skis." We were all laughing so hard we couldn't do anything.

A few minutes later, his grandmother, bright red in the face, comes into the lodge with Jason and geer in hand. He put the stuff back and took his old stuff from the rack and came over to the table to apologize. The guy from the ski shop thought it was so "cute" that he gave Jason a pair of goggles. Jason and his grandmother left.

A while later, Jason came back with his grandfather and they picked out some stuff for him with the assistance of one of the guys from the ski shop. Grandpa paid.

Feel free to add any funny things you have heard or seen at your local ski area. If I think of more I will add them too.