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The annual Notwax thread.

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It's good stuff. 20 seconds and you are ready to go with no mess. Downside? You MIGHT get a little better performance by spending a whole lot of time hot waxing and cleaning up. Most recreational skiers wouldn't even notice or care.
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I think it burns the base and wears out unless you apply it twice a day.
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I only use it over a hotwaxed base, and then only on wet days. It seems to leave the bases pretty quickly on aggressive snow, and without something under it your bases are pretty much unprotected.

It is some slippery stuff though. I put it on some of my intramural skier's bases before races- mainly because they're too cheap for fluro.

As an overlay? Sure. As a wax alternative? No way.
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The newer stuff has anti-rusting agents.
You can "fluorinate" CH6 or similar by melting it in a (plastic!) ice-cube tray in a microwave, then swirling the Notwax in.

Toss the scrapings into a junk Crockpot, wax your bike chain in the summer.
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yeah, def works in the wet stuff, but agree that its over a regular wax, not instead of
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I'm with Alaska Mike and Jonski. It's slicker than whalesnot for wet days, but ALWAYS over a good hot wax, never a replacement.
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Slick stuff alright but it doesn't last very long (as in a couple of hours.)
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Are you the same Mr. Zog, inventer of Mr. Zog's Sex Wax, the best wax for your stick?

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I have had great results with Test Pilot Race Paste - it lasts longer that NotWax in slush, crud, hardpack, groomed, and powder. It is higher in flourocarbons that Swix F4. The only downside to Race Paste is that you have to buff it after it dries. I routinely hot wax my skis (every other day when I'm skiing), but I put a little Race Paste on my skis in the morning.

NotWax is good in warmer conditions and is no-muss no-fuss. But I found that I needed to re-apply it every long two runs, sometimes one run if it's old powder or corn snow. Race Paste at least lasts a half-day.

When I'm home, I get the wax remover to take off most of the old wax from the ski bases (I don't have a rotobrush). When the bases are pristine, I put a layer of NotWax on them, then I hot wax the skis (after plastic scraping and nylon brushing), and finally I put another layer of NotWax on my skis. It seems to work, and I don't have to hot wax my skis as often.
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Two thumbs down for me - I tried some that my brother got as a giveaway and I felt it was horrible stuff. Now granted, I think I applied it quick one morning before taking off to go to the mountain and my boards actually felt a bit sticky? I did buff them but I can't remember if I had any wax on the bases so that might be it. To each they're own I guess though but that little black canister is still sitting on the workbench collecting dust.

The only time I use paste stuff is right before making a run in the gates, as an overlay because it's gone by the time you're at the bottom of the course anyways. I'm partial to F4.
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I only use it in the spring - I found it a little slow at temps below 20 F except when it was applied as a layer over conventional wax. It lasts longer if you follow the directions exactly. The smoother the base structure the better. Apply one coat the night before skiing, and apply another coat the next morning. Allow it to dry before skiing.
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Yeah Powderdog, I read somewhere that the Hot wax can last longer when you prep a clean dewaxed base with Notwax first, thanks for the confirmation as I haven't yet tried it.
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