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Now I have a tuning ?

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All this tuning talk has got me cornfused. I have a brand spanking new pair of Volkl 4 stars(courtesy of Coupulo). Should I have them tuned before their first day on the slopes.

BTW I am in NC and primarily ski out west and wouldn't even consider having a shop tune my skis here unless someone highly recommends them.
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I asked SkiDoc a similiar question in an earlier thread. he recommended skiing on new skis first, to see if a tune was neccessary.
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Make sure they are well waxed though.
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If you don't trust the local shops and can't do the work yourself, I would ski them as they are or send them to someone like Skidoc. Most Southern ski shops don't have the best equipment or best technicians (a question of demand)m and can do more harm than good.

Whatever you do, have them waxed before you hit the hill- multiple coats if possible. This might be the time to learn how to do basic ski waxing, since you'll save money in the long run and will be able to properly storage wax your skis to survive the summers. A decent wax iron, a plexi scraper, a good bronze (not brass) or nylon wax brush, and some uni warm/cold wax is all you need to get started. There are plenty of tuning guides out there, and Tognar has a great on-line guide to help out.
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AS A. Mike said Wax them repeatedly before you ski on them. I skied on Volkl'd for 25 years and their factory tune was superb. Same with all of current Atomic's. In fact I have almost wanted to send skis back to the factory after skiing on them awhile to get the factory tune reinstated they were so good out of the box. Although this doesn't always apply to true World Cup models or some Race Stock skis which are left more raw so a racer can tune 'em the way they like them.

I am with A. Mike, I don't trust any of the shops anymore, I do all tuning myself, but have to trust their stonegrind. All the shops here have screwd my skis up at one time or another.
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My old 4 Stars skied nice out of the wrapper.

I had Mike (SkiDoc) tune them after a few weeks to see the difference.

They definately ski better with a proper tune but I wouldn't say it is 100% neccessary. Ski on them and see what you think.

Atomics usually are good out of the wrapper and we have had 4 pairs but I got an early Metron XI last year that had 4-5 degrees of base bevel in the tails. I am sure production has resolved that issue by now.

I can't wait get on them this year after Mike fixed them.
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