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Kirkwood improvements?

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Does anyone have any information on whether there will be any improvements on the mountain at Kirkwood for this season?

I heard that they were going to upgrade chair 4 to a high speed quad.
That was something I overheard on the chair last season, so I don't know whether it's true or not, although I did hear it on two seperate occasions.

I have the season pass on order, and getting a new pair of mid-fats.
Now I only need to wait for snow. It's going to be a looong 12 weeks..
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Can I hijack this thread slightly by expanding the question.

has anybody heard about improvements in any of the other large Tahoe resorts - Heavenly, Squaw, Alpine, Northstar?
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Heavenly is replacing the slow Powderbowl and Waterfall lifts with a single high-speed six.


I would think the other resorts too, would be eager to spread news of any coming improvements early on, as it has to have an impact on the season pass sales. Strange..
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Not sure if this is all happening at once, or over the next few seasons, but chair 4 will be high speed, chairs 1 and 2 will be replaced bya new quad to the top of caples crest, a new chair to the top of the 99 steps in sunrise bowl (starting at about midway up chair 4), and a couple of t-bars apparently to access some previously hike only terrain.
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Yes, that seems to be the long term plan. I don't think chairs 1 and 2 are being replaced, they seem to be adding another lift so that you don't need to ride two lifts to get to caples crest.

I was hoping someone would know whether any of these were coming this year.
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