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Anyone have any experience buying gear from Telemark Pyrenees?

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Hi all,

Been lurking here about a week or so, great site! Loads of info! (Man, ain't the internet cool?) So I have a question - I've been searching around for ski deals and I was thinking about buying some ski gear from Telemark-pyrenees.com before the dollar slips even more against the euro.

So here's my question, anyone have any experience ordering from them? As I said, the internet is cool, but I'm a little hesitant about ordering ski gear online from another country. How's their customer sevice, does the time difference pose a problem, are their shipping estimates accurate?

any and all info would be appreciated... thanks
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Personally I have never ordered anything from TP. Over on the Powder mag foum there seems to be many people who have ordered from them and are happy with the results. They have a rep for good customer service. With the dollar slipping the way it has TP may not be the best deal out there for buyers from the US. I have had good experiences with an outfit from Canada called skiandsnowboards.com The US dollar is still pretty good against the Canadian Dollar. Shipping cost from Canada is also a lot cheaper then The Overseas shipment cost you pay if you use TP.
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Have used TP for a pair of AT bindings and then for a pair of POcket rockets and bindings. Shopped around a lot and that was the best price. Shipping is more but not too bad. Also very fast. Right before Xmas ordered PRs and got them in 4 working days. Total for the PR with bindings installed included shipping was 560 euros. Could of only come close if I had bought last years model.
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I have had good experiences with them. Neil, the owner, is British so language is no problem. Send an e-mail and ask any questions up front -- be explicit in what you want to avoid returns. Also, not everything is ont he website, so ask if you don't see what you need. I have experienced good customer service from them -- I'm sure there have been mix-ups before, but I would expect them to handle any problems professionally (though returns are more expensive and Black Diamond and other brands claim not to do warrenty work in North America for products ordered from Europe).
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I ordered a pair of skis from them this fall. They arrived in 5 days fro mthe day I ordered them. The skis were damaged (cosmetic only) during shipping, and they were excellent in taking care of the problem. I highly recommend them.
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I've ordered skis from them. They arrived earlier than the estimated date - it only took three business days. I'd definitely order from them again.
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TP is one of the best internet ski sales sites on the web. I ordered 4 pair of skis from them this season (only 1 was for me) and not only got a great deal, but great service as well. Neil, Franc, and the others are very nice to work with. I will be ordering from the again.

As was stated above, not everything that they can get is on their site, so e-mail with specifics. Their prices are hard to beat, even with shipping.
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Double Post, not sure how, but double.

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Bought a pair of Bandit XX's from them, great price, great service.
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I picked up a pair of boots and bindings. Great service.
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Yep.....great guys.....

Ditto to all the above....

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Late post, but I also goto agreat deal from them. Had to speak a bit of franglish at first but it worked out..
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I ordered my skis from them ten days ago. They were great, shipped the skis the same day (I called at 1am PST, that's 10am France time), and DHL delivered them to my door (near Seattle) on the Wednesday morning. The skis were well packed, the bindings mounted (I gave them the length of my boot sole), and all I had to do was to adjust them. I requested a copy of the relevant pages of the Salomon technical manual and got it faxed to me immediately. What else can I ask for?

I conducted the whole transaction in French, but one of the owners (Neil) is British, so maybe ask for him?

Great experience. I will buy from them again if they have what I want.

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