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Best all mountain ski

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I grew up ski racing and have been snowboarding a lot for the last 8 years (please no flaming ) I really miss skiing and like the looks and idea of shorter and wider skis. I'm 6 feet, 170 lbs. 32 yo and will be skiing in Oregon at Meadows at least 25 days (great deal on season passes). I want to get a deal on some 03/04 skis and will not have an opportunity to demo. I know the risks of not demoing... I will be all mountain-powder (it's wet and heavy), bowls, cordouroy, speed (really miss this w/ snowboard), an occasional park for ramps (not half-pipe I don't want really flimsy skis that will be unstable at high speeds) and very little moguls. More off the groomers than on. I don't doubt myself of getting back to an advanced intermediate level quickly. I'd like a responsive and high performance jack of all trades ski that I can grow into through the season. I realize one ski can't satisfy all conditions but something that I can have a lot of fun on in a variety of conditions. I appreciate your recommendations. I don't want to spend a ton of money but if there is an amazing ski I may justify... thanks for the help
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Rossignol B2

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Atomic R:ex
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How long?

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volkl 724 pro, or karma, or ax4/g4 series (discontinued but probably available from last year or ebay). Great all around skis, from hardpack to powder to crud to slush. I ski a G4 in a 188 length (I'm 5'10", 165 lbs)

I like a longish length but the above skis can easily be skied shorter. Lots of G4 reviews somewhere here or on the other ski sites.
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Head IM 75 chip
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I'm a similar build as you and I'm on '02 183 cm K2 Axis X Pros. I believe the XT and XP are the newer models. They are rock solid and very stable through crud, dense powder, etc. I'm a rightcoaster so I don't know how well they perform on West coast powder days.

Another all mountain ski I've been eyeing is the Volkl 5 Star. You can get them with Motion bindings for $700 here:


Untracked also has the 6 Star too which is essentially the same ski, but stiffer for the same price. Hope this helps.
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I would recommend something with a waist in the mid to upper-70s for where you ski. Last years Dynastar Intuitiv 74 would be my top recommendation. It does everything from hardpack to powder. It was discontinued this year so you should be able to find some good deals. The suggestion of the Rossi B2 is good also if you don't mind a damp ski. The B2 does a wide variety of conditions but to some people it feels lifeless especially on groomers. The K2 Axis XP is another good choice. It is a damp ski, also, but not as damp as the B2. It was renamed this year so you should be able to get a good deal if you can find them. The Volkl 724 Pro is a good choice also if you like Volkls. Personally, I liked the other skis I listed better but my friends that ski Volkls loved this ski.

As for lengths, I'd go with a 175cm or 182cm in the Intuitiv, 176cm or 182cm in the B2, 174cm & 181cm in the Axis XP & 177mm in 724 Pro.
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I gotta go with the Volkl 724's, the Pro's are the probably the best for what you are talking about. They are pretty salty though. They yellow ones, I don't know the designation are also supposed to be a good mid fat size. My buddy has a pair of the 724 Pros. We ski mostly in VT and Main. They hook up very well on the east coast in all kinds of conditions, great on hard pack. We went out to Tahoe last season and skiied Squaw, Alpine and Heavenly for a week. We got 16 inches overnight, the day before we skiied Alpine and his 724's were great in the deep stuff as well.
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Dynastar Legend 8000. No doubt. I think you would want to go for the 178, they are quite light and easy to throw around in short turns and moguls.

IMHO they are more nimble and smoother than the 7:24 PRO (and several hundred dollars cheaper). The K2 XP is too stiff and only wants to do one turn size. The B2 is good but slightly too soft and damp and it is at the bottom of the mid-fat category in terms of waist size.

Whatever way you go though, upper 70s is a great width for all mountain uses. I demoed the Atomic R:11 and at 70mm was too narrow for off piste. 74 to 75 is tolerable if you spend more time on groomers than off. Once you get much above 80mm you lose hard snow performance, the Karmas were not happy on groomed runs.
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I'm with Ron for the Head i.M 75 Chip. Normally for your size I would suggest something in the 174-178 cm range but in this ski, because of its versatility, you should look at the 170 cm length.
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I'll go out on a limb here and say Ogasaka. The one in Ski Magazines guide. The FX I think it was. I skied it along with there Unity EX. Both skis you should try. You owe it to yourself. These skis are amazing. They had a feel like atomics grip to the snow. Only these felt like gravity was sucking them to the snow. Very confident feel.

By my second turn on the EX my son stopped next to me and said "your having a great time on those, aren't you". It was that obvious.
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K2 Axis X 174cm
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K2 Public Enemy 179. Volkl V-Pro 180. Dynastar In74. Salomon XHot 175 - surprisingly good edge grip for a Salomon.
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