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Blizzard Sigma X-Cross?

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Anyone get a chance to ride these? I'm gonna try to demo them early this year, just wondering what other's thoughts on them were. Looking for a replacement for Crossmax 10's. Great all around ski I thought.

Considering the new CM 10's, this Blizzard, Dyna Skicross 10...anything from Head I should be considering?
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You'll like the SC 10, but do yourself a favor and try Fischer's RX 8. My guess is it will blow you away as an everyday 7Springs ski. I have a pair of each...
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Not sure anyone around here carries Fischer...that's why it's not on my list.
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A nobody's skied Blizzard bump?
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I have skied the Blizzard X-Cross but not extensively. I ski last years Head XRC i13 and love them. I have a review here somewhere check the threads. If you are looking for a ski for SS I would recommend the Head XRC in 165. Its a good everyday ski for the east.

The X-Cross is smooth and stable. It is a ligther feeling ski in that its swing weight feels lighter. It is a nice carving ski and like most shaped skiw is more comportable on edge. GS turns at high speed are a blast. The wide tip makes turn initiation easy and certain. I found that a centered balance worked best and at 200 lbs. when I got to far forward I found the tip a little soft but not to the point that it made the ski a noodle, not by any means. Short turns were more effort and by short I mean any thing under 11m. However, they were fun, forgiving and predictable for all occasions.

As an aside, my best friend skis the X-Cross exclusively and loves them. He also skied them at the Jackson Hole Gathering in everything from thigh deep pow to hard pack. He loved them in Jackson even on the steeps. He weighs about 170/180.

However, at the end of the day i like my Heads. This year Head has the XRC 1100's that have the same waist as the Blizzard X-Cross. Hope this helped.

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Thanks Pow. Did you get them into the bumps at all? The rounded tail *looks* like it may skid nicely, rather than have the tendency to stay locked in as much as some other designs. Does that make sense? Basically, it looks like it would be easy in the bumps. I'll also check the Heads out as a comparison. Center Ski carries them as well.
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I did get them into "the Bumps" if you mean those icey, flat fronted and v-shaped things that pass for bumps around here. I did not feel as comfortable on them in the bumps than with my Heads but they were not terrible and per my friend they performed in "out west" bumps just fine.

Your right about the tails they do allow you to release turns and skid them if you need. However, the ski carves well and its the tips that help out. Now I think the XRC and X-Cross have nearly the same tip width but the X-Cross tip just felt wider in bumps and felt in the way, this is the best way I can discribe it. However, the ski was tuned well into the tip and I was on a relatively high Demo binding riser.

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The Head is 116/68/100 w/ a 15.6 Radius.

The X-Cross 113/67/99 w/ a 16.6 Radius.

Somewhat similar, but the Head would handle quick turns a little easier having the shorter radius.
Do you think it felt like the tips were in the way due to it's weight? I gotta admit, it's one hefty ski compared to say an Atomic SX, Solly Crossmax or even the Heads.
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Here is my review of the ski in feb of 2004. The XRC i.13 is 112-64-97(?) with a 13.3 m radius. The specs you show are for this year XRC 1100, which is new for this year.

Ski Make: Head
Ski Model: XRC i.13 Chip
Ski Length: 165
Snow Conditions Used In: Man made, hard pack and frozen over
Number of Days Used: 5
Your Ability: PSIA 9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 45
Other Skis You Like: Atomic Beta Race 9.20, Volkl 5 and 6 star, Blizzard SL (race stock).
Your Height/Weight: 5’8”/ 200


First off, I have not skied skis this short since I was 12 years old and it has taken time and the good eye of fellow instructors to get me balanced on these shorter skis. So here goes my impressions.

This is a great front-side ski. Edge hold is fantastic in all of the even hardest conditions at all speeds. Carving is its specialty but don’t park and ride these babies they will get away from you. You need to stay in the front seat, drive them down the mountain and stay active throughout the entire turn.

The harder you drive them the more they give back. Arc-to-Arc they are quick and my carved turns have never been better. Rebound turns are there but at the higher end of this skis ability. It is very stable for such a short ski. Slice and dice. They are easy in turn initiation but will punish up unweighting. Flex at the ankles and roll them over; that’s all it takes for these skis to find the new direction. They respond well to turn shape variation and you can go long or short radius fairly easily. They also ski very well at slow speeds, which is great for my application. They make demos for lessons easier and more consistent.

I have not found an upper speed limit on these shorties in our limited terrain. But I am going to take them out to Jackson for an afternoon on JH’s limited groomed area and let them rip so stay tuned.

So, Do I like these skis? Hell yes! They are just plain fun. The are Fast, Quick, Stable and Versatile on the frontside. I would recommend them to anyone who looking for a shorty to rip it up on piste.


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