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Binding Question

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This spring I picked up a pair of demo K2 Spire skis-- womens -- with Marker M900 demo bindings. I have been skiing 2 years and ski blues and some blacks. I have been using Atomic C-9's with integrated bindings. They have been really great confidence builders and helped me progress as a skiier. Good on ice and slush too. (Ok why did I buy the K2's? truth, they were pretty and on sale- like a new pair of shoes) On the days when there was something approaching normal New England snow they were nice. Very smooth with some rebound- but in worse conditions they were harder to turn, not as responsive as my Atomics. Both are about the same length. 150-153.

My questions- How will different bindings make a difference? What kind of bindings should I get? I have been looking at the Look Pivot 10. Does anyone out there use this ski? What bindings do you like?
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The Look pivot bindings are great bindings. That said, unless your current bindings are pre-releasing or not releasing when necessary, I don't think the bindings are the problem. I'm not familier with either of the skis you use so I can't draw a performance comparison for you, but in my experience a binding that is operating properly will not hinder the performance of the ski. Could the K2 be simply too much ski for you?
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One thing you could check would be the mounting position between the two skis and bindings. Lay them side by side, spliting the difference tip and tail if they are different lengths, and see if the boot toe position lines up with the two. Pop a boot into each one. One being a rental binding they could be different, and a cm of difference can affect how ski performance, and most women specific skis call for the binding to be mounted a little more forward. But it could be just the difference between the skis. I will add that I ski most of my atomic bindings in the forward position. This seems to give more all mountain versatility. Later, RicB.
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You may be right about the skis being too much for me. It is a heavier ski. Some of that might have been because I had this little knee surgery in the fall and skiied on it a lot. Doc says it is ok but healed slower. Some days I'd lose my right turns when my left knee got weak. But it seems equal now. I thought different bindings would bend more with the ski or is that all just advertising hype?

The binding on the Atomic is a bit more forward. When I line them up the tails are almost even and there is a lot moe K2 in front. Interesting.

Thanks for the suggestions
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Move the demo bindings forward and the ski will respond much better. A few mm's can make a world of difference.
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In this situation - DO get new bindings.

The demo set are likely to have a substantial amount of extra weight, which if you are slighlty weaker on one side due to surgery is unneeded and unwanted. Also, if they have been set up correctly, you may not be in the suggested position to ski these skis well. And yes, demo bindings do interfere with the flex of the ski. Maybe not hugely, but if you are going to ski everyday on the ski, then have end user bindings, rather than demos will be better.
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jonski and others
Thanks for all the suggestions.
If I did replace the bindings with something lighter with more flex, any suggestions which ones to consider. (Also I think I'm all healed now for next season from not skiing and working to strengthen it.)
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Madbee, if you want to experiment with how small changes in binding locatiotion affects then buy an Atomic 412. This will give you the option of moving the binding to two forward positions right on the hill. Because not all ski manufactureres mount in the sam place relative to the length of the ski you might find this useful as an experiment, as this relates to how easy a ski turns for an individual. Later, RicB.
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