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You're right there, in the end he'll just have to take the plunge and see how it feels. Later, RicB.
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Now I'm thinking instead of buying them ahead of time, I'll wait until I get to Snowmass and have the ski shop install them and I'll ask for their recommendation.

Which brings to mind this question: can I expect these to be commonly stocked at the resort ski shop? I am in the Stonebridge Inn which is in Snowmass Village, so I expect there would be several ski shops nearby. Anyone want to recommend one?

If I end up buying two, when I return from the trip I'll offer to send the one I'm not using to someone on the board who can use it.

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RicB, Atomicman, would it not make sense to match the Booster model to boot flex?
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I think it make smore sense to match to skier weight & ability. Bootflex is rather subjective. Meaning a 120 Flex in a Lange is not a 120 Fkex in a Nordica is not a 120 Flex in an Atomic. The Flex index numbers can be used as a comparative tool within a munufacturer's lineup but not across manufacturers.

Also, the Stock Velcro straps that come on a boot have no or very little give and no rebound so what flex wise would you be matching it to?

Maybe if someone's boot was too stiff they would go for a 1 or 2 strap to allow more movement or if too soft they would go with a 2 or 3 strap to stiffen?

Again for the meager investment of $35.00 & the ability to install & remove easily, if someone is in that much of a quandry, buy both & see waht you like. The other school of thought is buy itand just use it and get accustomed to it!
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Once your shin is against your boot buckles it's all boot flex, at this point the booster strap isn't doing anything. So the resistance we get from the booster is in that movement we have inside our boot cuff before we hit the front of boot cuff. How much resistance and transfer of pressure do we want here? I see this as the real question. Maybe you want alot, maybe a little. As Atomicman has said it's cheap, so no worries. I use them and I really like the progressive flex into the front of boot I get with them. later, RicB.
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