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Dear Rip,

Thanks for your update on the situation. I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better about the whole situation and wish you the best with your new gear. I am glad this company seems to be taking the high road with you, now.

Let's hope this company HAS learned something from this, especially better customer service and sales technique.

Snow's just around the corner !!!!
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Originally Posted by mountain momma
As for my "Wild Speculations", It does not take too many brain cells to cover all aspects of this problem. That company should be making amends to many people, including Rip! Just because the other eBayers were not miffed at this out of stock story does not make Rip wrong for voicing his concerns.
Stating the facts are not "wild speculation" or "spreading fear and uncertainty".
Rip is not wrong for posting. That was never disputed. Stuff like this is:

Originally Posted by mountain momma
I can't help but wonder if that shop was trying to get this transaction OFF ebay and you away from ebay's protections???
Where's the fact here? You don't see a statement like that spreading fear uncertainty and doubt? Rubbish. It does nothing but.
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Wow I haven't looked at this in quite a while. My how it's grown. As I read Mama's posts I think she gives a very balanced view and expresses some very valid concerns in uncertain language that matches the uncertainty of her concerns.

When someone says 'I can't help wonder.....' in relation to previous facts I think the person has some concerns but doesn't want to be too alarmist. She certainly hasn't claimed to state any facts.

There certainly are some panties in a knot here and some irrational statements but I don't think it's mountain momma or irip.
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Yeah, I sometimes do get them in a knot, but I can't see the irrationality.

Here's how mountain momma's first post ends:

"Too many businesses try to pull that bait & switch on folks and many innocents (not worldly), fall for the switch ! maybe it was an honest mistake - what were the company's other negative feedbacks for ? Maybe something in this company has changed - for the worse??? all in all, thanks for the WORD TO THE WISE - I will not shop there - this buyer will be aware."

Uncertain concerns in an uncertain language? Hardly. I guess I'm just not ONE OF THE WISE.

Let me leave this thread with this uncertain thought: Posting feedback on e-bay is not automatic. Many people make purchases, have good experiences with the shop and don't bother posting any positive feedback at all. The flip side is you're almost assured that negative feedback will be left. I wonder how many people that have had successful dealings with Cupolo's have left no feedback at all?
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To the Big E and other interested parties (did I hear PARTY??),

Free Coffee is never really free.

Maybe I have been a consumer advocate for too long.

Maybe I have seen how people are roped in by infomercials on tv that promise the world for some of your money and then deliver disappointment.

Maybe I have a mother who believes those blasted sweepstakes that are delivered right to her mailbox weekly !

Maybe I have had to explain the fine print once too often.

Maybe I want the good folks out there to THINK about the entire situation before acting in haste.

Maybe I support the little guy with the single voice against the big giants that can call the shots and thumb their noses at the injustices they perpetuate without reprimand.

I am out of fight, have no intention of fighting with you (Big E) about my choice of words, just hope that Rip Gets a fair shake in his deal.

In my life, I have learned that the world has many choices to offer before I would continue to do business where I am not treated with proper respect. Rip has made it clear that he wants to continue doing business with the involved company. This is his choice, and yet this forum has allowed me to offer him my opposing view & concerns regarding his situation. All in all, I think that the end result is great - two people agreeing to disagree.

PS: Big E is so right about eBayers not leaving good feedback after a good deal closes. Fortunately that "oversight" by my customers has not reflected on my 100% rating.

Let's get that party started!!!!!
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Are you, by any chance, a lawyer, litigator, attorney, "adviser", "councillor", or similar? Your style of posting seems to point to a person who starts out with a negative opinion of a business, and it goes downhill from there. (I find it funny how you refer to Cupolo as "The Involved Company", I mean it sounds very legal-ese)

Is it a triumph of consumer rights when a shop closes down?
Is it not a triumph of consumer rights when the consumer is happy about the resolution of the issue, to the point where they would recommend that shop to others?
But you have already stated that you would not shop there, and that you are prepared to lambast it, which, to me, points to someone who is not interested in consumer rights, or in business, but in gaining victories over people. No matter who, no matter what the facts are, and then claiming that you were doing "good" or doing "right".

As they say, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Perhaps before tearing the next company to shreds, you could do a bit more research other than looking on eBay, maybe by asking others, or visiting one of their shops?

I apologise if this sounds angry, but I don't like lawyer types, and that sort of attitude.
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In the meantime, those of you who have been exasperated by eBay misbehavior, especially the dreaded 'Begin SiteCatalyst Debugging' error page, take a look here.
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I've been reading this for days now and I can't help but feel for both the customer and the shop on this one. Anytime a customer doesn't have a hassle free transaction, they're not going to be totally happy, and it's a fact of business that some customers are going to walk away less than totally happy. No business is perfect, but I think Cupolo's has a great record with the people here (including myself) and for the most part do their best to make their customers happy. It's obviously in their best interest to do so as it takes a good while to build a respected business, but only a few unhappy customers that spread their experiences to tear it down.
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Hey Fox Hat and all !

First, please do express yourself. I can handle it ! I am laughing because of your thoughts on my words describing Cupolos - To be honest, I kept mixing up the vowels and was too tired to search for the correct spelling, thus " the involved company".

Second, No I am not an attorney - or any of the other occupations you listed. I do have many people come to me for advice - usually after they get in a bind....so maybe I am an advisor of sorts. I did used to be a supervisor of a staff and am used to handling a problem directly, so I am SORRY if I come on too strong.

Third, my words would apply to ANY retailer in this same situation. I read iriponsnow's messages that asked for input and found that his auction for the skis & bindings ended on July 4th. I read that he tried many times to contact Cupolos and had no luck. I read the response that perhaps Rip had used the wrong email address. I read that Rip had all the stuff needed for a "case" against Cupolos (in his aug 27th note). I recall mention of an Ebay Fraud Complaint being filed by Rip. I did check through Cupolos eBay feedback. As the problem was with Rip/Cupolos/eBay, and I have dealings with eBay, I did not do major research beyond eBay - there were enough "facts" in this thread.

Fourth, I am a child of the sixties/seventies. Boycott was a regular term in my life. I did not ask anyone to boycott Cupolos. I simply stated that I will not be shopping there after reading what I read on this thread, and was thankful for an alert to the type of problem Rip has experienced.

I do not pretend that my words have the power needed to close any shop down, nor was that my intention. There are many shops with many good items and some even have good service for those of us who are particular for whatever reasons. At this point, I may have to make Cupolos a cocoa stop on my next trip north.

If anything, I would hope that the owner of Cupolos (Jay?) would get on the stick and tell his staff he wants his business to be the PREMIER SKI SHOP of North America. The next step would be for him to make his staff limit any "errors" occuring. This can be done with incentives instead of whip - I do not want you to think I am heartless.

I imagine underpaid staff working their way through college with exams looming overhead after a drinking weekend, a crazy love life, and not enough petrol to get back home at night to boot ! The solution may be as simple as an added "double check" system being implemented prior to listings going on eBay. This is not the end of anyone's world !

The real good news here is that Rip is happy with the modified offer. May he ski many mountians on his latest equiptment !
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And do you believe that Cupolo have now worked to an acceptable solution, and one which will leave them out of pocket?

From my (limited) experience of dealing with them, I haven't seen too many drunk college kids who are underpaid working there, but then again, I don't know who physically puts their listings on eBay. Next time I'm in one of their shops, I'll ask. (although that could be several months away, given my location)
Maybe you could call into one and ask?
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Dear Fox Hat,

The point of them losing money (in making good on a bad deal) is not the issue I have been addressing. Had they done their business correctly in the beginning, they wouldn't have lost anything, but continued along merrily along with their customer.

After reviewing the neutral and negative feedbacks (101 entries) left on eBay over the past six months, I see that the main complaints are from people, for example, who have won auctions, not been contacted by the seller (sometimes even after the buyer has paid) and then the buyer makes contact only to find out the item is out of stock AND THEIR MONEY IS REFUNDED (I want that point to be clear to all). Rip is not alone with his experience.

In Rip's early posts, he expresses worry about being scammed. Sure, now that Rip caught the Cupolo's attention, the problem will be worked out between them.
For all we know, Cupolo's may be making amends to several eBayers for this very same reason. I am happy for Rip and Cupolos for reaching a mutual agreeable solution.

The whole problem could have been avoided with a little more attention at the right time - like before they post stock they do not have. Thus my earlier suggestion to implement a system of double checks prior to posting items on eBay.

Yours in Waiting for the Big Snow,
M. Momma
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Originally Posted by mountain momma
PS: Big E is so right about eBayers not leaving good feedback after a good deal closes. Fortunately that "oversight" by my customers has not reflected on my 100% rating.
Are you the same mountainmomma on e-bay?
http://feedback.ebay.com/ws1/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=mountainmomma&it em=-1&frompage=222
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Big E,
nah.....I am only "mountian momma" here - because I love the mountians - sort of like the old peppermint pattie commercials - being up so high is invigorating, coming down exhilarating. a win-win situation for me. eBay is mainly my shopping ground but I have sold a number of books, used and old over the years.

Hey....I just checked eBay for mountain momma - is there one??? if so, she has no history at all to date. Do you sell on eBay ?

Stocking up on Hot Cocoa,
in anticipation of The BIG SNOW (I sold a book by that title, too - a story about a family of sorts snowed in for days on end and their mental deterioration. Time Setting: 1930s to 1940's, New York. Not a bad read.)
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Nope. I've never tried to sell anything on e-bay. I've only ever sold two junked cars to the scrap yard. And yes, the link I posted to that entity shows a mountainmomma does indeed exist on e-bay -- relatively new too.
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I'd be concerned about warranty issues buying Canadian skis. I've bought skis through eBay and I always verify that they're coming from a US shop. A lot of ski companies won't honor a US warranty return of Canadian-origin skis.
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Rather than start a new thread I thought I'd just re-use this old one, since my post has to do with ... eBay.


First off, is everyone aware that eBay charges roughly 10% on the sale price of an item, and also 10% on whatever shipping fees are charged? (The latter was implemented a while back to catch sellers who were listing items very low but charging very high for shipping, shifting most of their income to the shipping side, and thus avoiding eBay seller fees.)


Also, if you receive payment via PayPal there's an additional ~3% fee, so selling on eBay and receiving PayPal payment incurs a ~13% total fee!


eBay and PayPal are separating into two different companies, and in the process each is updating their user agreements. There's a brief summary here...




More info available here...




Any of you heavy eBay sellers and/or legal eagles see anything new in those user agreements that's noteworthy/of any concern?

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I'm a very light eBay user. Slightly heavier in the past. As a seller, I just think of it as a way to sell something that I probably would not be able to sell otherwise ... or at least not as easily. No insane rigamarole with people wanting to come look at the item and then not showing up. It's a convenience for me, so I'm willing to eat the fees in order to get SOMETHING for the item.
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I agree, eBay definitely has its appeal - reaches a wide audience, and no hassle of CL tire kickers, etc - but the fees seem a tad excessive. That said I have the choice to use the service or not, and I do, occasionally. Definitely a good way to sell niche items like skiing gear.  ;-)


To my perception there is really no comparable/viable eBay alternative in the US marketplace. If someone else feels strongly that's not the case I'd be interested in hearing about it.

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My take on eBay....Back in the mid 90s when eBay just started and digital pics weren't wide spread yet, it took some faith to buy/sell stuff on eBay...It seems to me that the turn of the century was the best time for buyers and sellers on eBay...kind of like Craiglist on steroid with far better reach at just nominal fees.

These days, I barely use eBay, perhaps for purchases only. Merchants seem to far outnumber private sellers, and I don't come across many of the "great deals" any more. Likewise, I use PayPal for credit card purchases from lesser known online merchants as an additional layer of security, or else.

There are specialized or localized alternatives if one cares to spend time and look for them...For example, there are a number of car trade sites. Reverb seems to be a better option these days for musical instruments. Then, there is good old Craigslist or similar local classifieds in near every major city. I think there are eBay knock-offs on electronics as well. With patience, Epicski can be a good trade place as well...I sold 6 pairs of my used skis this year alone.
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So far I've been 100% satisfied with eBay and PayPal.  I do quite a bit of business mostly buying with occasional selling.  Had my share of dead beat sellers, busted merchandise that was sent with no padding, or outright different than represented.  When documentation is provided, photos, tracking info, and PayPal transaction info I've not been jipped a single penny.  Probably had close to $1,000 in misc bad transactions over the past 10 years.  That said, eBay and PayPal are now parting ways spinning off in separate directions again.  I really hope the level of customer service does not suffer as a result because from my perspective it was really working well.

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I used to be big into Ebay, but about ten years ago it seemed the scams and other general BS got out of control.  Stuff like...


  • Lots and lots and lots of shill bidding. Huh, that's funny., somebody bid against me in $1 increments until they outbid me, and then cancelled their bid. AND WHAT'S THIS? Somebody else then submits the exact bid needed to trigger my maximum bid? Seems legit... Only now I have to waste a ton of time with ebay reporting it, and usually get negative feedback from the shill-bidding seller. Sweet system here guys.
  • Auctions for items I am selling ending with the winning bidder trying to advance-fee fraud me. Sweet. So instead of selling my item, I get to relist it and have to wait for ebay to refund/clear their fees on my "sold item."  And there is no guarantee I won't have the same thing happen again.


This stuff made me give up on any idea of using ebay as anything other than a last resort- and definitely ended any notion of setting up any type of regular business using the site as a storefront.


I will use the buy it now feature when I find what I am looking for at the right price, but I am sick of auction BS.

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