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The Shape of Things That Came

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I couldn't help but notice in the recent SKI (gear issue) I inexplicably received in the mail that almost all the skis in the "freeride" category very closely resemble the dimensions of my beloved mom-and-pop shop Odysseys, which, at 81 in the waist, are a tad wider than the models presented. (I don't have the mag in front of me but most waists were in the 75-78 range.)
It seemed also that all the skis in this category were more similar in shape than at anytime I recall.

Has the ski manufacturing industry reached agreement on optimal shape/size for skis' purpose, or is it more that they're simply attuned to the shapes that are selling? (Honestly - and especially with this issue - I can't tell reportage from advertisement anymore.)

Seemed to reflect SKI's readership, too, that the "all-mountain expert" skis were generally pretty slender skis (66-69 waist) with shapeliness geared toward the frontside.
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I've read about the Odyssey skis before but please, do tell more about them. They actually sound like the ski I'm looking for from what I've read...
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"mid-fat" @ 177, with 112-81-104 shape.

maker adjusts flex to your liking. (they are generally stiffer skis, anyway.)

wider waist with not a lot of edge makes ya wanna grab some hardpack skis to complement the Od's, but on all else - pow, crud, slush, corn - it's a very happy ski. (hey, your first clue about utility is that they're made in washington state.)


talk to paul, although his wife's helpful, too. the man knows his stuff. and shee't, at that price you can't go wrong. mine are all-white but i think he's laying a red topskin on these babies now.

OLD REVIEW: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...t=odyssey+skis

i've only seen one other pair on-hill so far, at alta during the '03 gathering.
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I saw that the are on sale in 177cm - do you know if they come in shorter sizes? I am looking for a light crud/powder/trees ski that is not useless on the hardpack to compliment my Atomic 9.22s which I love is all but crud. I guess I am a little leary of 177s, do they "ski short" as people say? Thanks again for your response.
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yes, all in 177.

i ski these in bumps and trees; little pivot and they're around.

and they don't make me nervous at speed in big turns. i'd just take another pair of skis out for glassy boilerplate days; the Ods'll get it done but you'll be happier on the atomics, of course.

PM me if ya need more info, andrew; i'll answer what i can as best i'm able.

also, check the flex chart at that Odyssey site; if you're interested, maybe a softer flex is what you're after.

also, talk to the guy; get technical. in my chats, he left the hard-sell stuff back and just got to the nuts and bolts of it. i'm a pretty good distance back where ski technology is concerned.

i do know that the first day i skied these, i was a better skier.
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