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Want to replace my 10ex's...

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Hey all. With thoughts of skiing starting to fill my mind again I wanted to throw some questions out and see what some opinions were. I had orig bought my 10ex's as more of my powder/all mtn ski but found over the years since I've bought them, I've unfortunately only had a couple of solid pow days. I've spent way more time on my slalom racers than I expected due to snow conditions.

I want to get something new and just wondered if I should stick to all mtn type for the crude/occasional pow day or just not get anything at all. With as little as I get to ski now, I want something I don't have to fight with or grow into. I really enjoy the bowls and trees and I'm a pretty solid skier. I know, demo demo demo! However, I prefer to own just to ot have to deal with the whole rental process. With the deals you can find now and then, it makes it worth the cost to buy to me.

Anyway, I'm 33, 170# and fairly aggressive. Would prob be looking at 170-180's to make up for my ability to get sufficient ski legs during the season. Since I seem to be all over the place with this post I'll stop here and see what other questions are generated. Thanks for any suggestions.
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The new Atomic metron ex is an awesome ski that will do everything your old 10 ex did in crud and/or powder only better and be way more versatile in tons of other conditions. I like them in a 175 180# 5'10".
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I've always been a fan of Atomic. I tried the site, but looks like the 04/05 isn't up as of yet. Any info out there on the M:EX?
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If you do a search on metron I think many comments were made and I think I shared my views on skiing the new ex.
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Besides the M:EX you probably should look at the M:5. There have been many comments from eastern skiers on this forum about the M:5 being a good all-around ski for them. It has a 76mm waist and is suppose to be decent in powder & crud plus hold well on ice. Peter Keelty says everyone should try this ski.
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I would be inclined to just grab the skis at the buy it now price. He says in his description that the skis go for over $1000 normally. I think the skis alone go for over a G in the states and his deal includes bindings. Winning two pair in a contest of two different lengths sounds a bit fishy though. All his feedback is positive though.

You won't go wrong with the ski and it's a great price. Worst case is you resell closer to the season when they'll comand more money any ways.
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Originally Posted by Needin Snow
I've always been a fan of Atomic. I tried the site, but looks like the 04/05 isn't up as of yet. Any info out there on the M:EX?
Go to www.atomicsnow.com, All the new stuff is there!
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Well somebody snagged the eBay skis at the Buy it now price. Was it you? Someone got a good buy. If not and you're lucky maybe it was the 165s that went and you can still email the guy and score the 175s.
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I saw the ebay sale before I even posed the question. It lookedlike a good deal, but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger yet. I will keep an eye on which pair went.

AM, thanks, I found that as well last night through a link on here. Took some searching to get the specs, but I like the looks/descriptions of the M series.

Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone recommend something other than the Metron? I have a while before I get to make it on the slopes so I have time to try and contact some old rep relationships for some demos.

Hmm..when I posted I see my other username popped up. This is Needin Snow's alter ego I guess...
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Try Dynastar Inspired or 8800's

I demo'd both the Pocket Rocket's and Inspired same day last yr. at Big Sky, 3 days after snow, spent a lot of time in the trees and bought the Inspireds. The PR's were like pogo sticks (too soft). Had a pair of R:EX's same season, sold 'em (too hard). Inspired was just right. Big enough footprint to float when you need it, a great back-side ski , but carved as good as the R:EX's ever did. You'll find some good deals on the Inspired, as a discontinued model. The 8800's the replacement, I think. The 8000's had some good feedback, too. That's if you want to stick with the wide ski. Being back East and all, and likin' your slaloms, you should try some of the "all mtn. carvers" like the Volkl Stars, or any of the "Cross" skis. They're a blast, handle crud and chicken heads well, and are wide enough to still enjoy on powder days if you use a little old-style technique and porpoise 'em. Really, your last season says a lot. Keep an eye out for a cheap, dedicated powder ski, like some of the CMH used stuff you see here, and build yourself a quiver. Then you'll have the right ski for most of your skiing. But start with the ski you're realistically going to use the most.
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i've got some in plastic that i'll sell for 550.00
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What do you have in plastic for $550?
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i have a pair of 175 m:ex's in plastic for 550.00
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I was looking at the site and have demo'd R:11's in the past. I was wondering whether to look at te m:11 or stick with m:ex. anyone demo'd both of these? Also I was wondering if there is a comparison chart that might help with correct sizing? I'm expecting to be in the 155-160# range by the time my season starts. That and if anyone is interested in the 10:ex's let me know
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