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Thule Repair ???

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While staying in Quebec city last season and enjoying the skiing at the many area moutains, I attempted to park my vehicle (7' 1" w/Thule on top) in the hotel parking garage (7' w/no give) and put a hole in the top of my enclosed Thule ski carrier, about 8" long and 4" at the widest point.
I have been informed by Thule that the top piece is not sold seperately and the whole unit must be replaced. Seems like a waste.
Has anyone succesfully repaired a plastic ski carrier (fully enclosed one piece unit, not a rack). I am thinking maybe fiberglass????

Thanks for any help offered.

Oh yea, "how was the skiing?"...it was so much better than our snow starved New England conditions that the smile on my face was only gone for a moment!

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thule repair

I bet fiberglass would work fine. Apply a couple of layers to the inside of the carrier, where the resulting ugly patch won't show. West Marine sells very good quality fiberglass resin. They also sell a powder you can stir into the fiberglass resin to mix up a paste. After making the structural repair on the inside, use the paste to to fill any cracks or voids remaining on the outside (if you can't get this product, I suppose a plastic autobody filler, like Bondo, would serve). Sand smooth and apply a little black paint, and it should look not too bad. West Marine also sells paint, and they should have something that would hold up to the weather pretty well.
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I'm not sure which Thule box you have but my wife forgot that the Thule box was on the van and she drove into a parking garage and proceeded to put 2 large cracks in the box. I took it to RackAttack and they were able to repair the damage using the following steps:

1. they welded the box back together by using the same type of glue that plumbers use when putting together waste water drains;

2. they then reinforced the cracks using fiberglass; and,

3. they painted over the damaged areas with black spraypaint.

The box looks as good as new (well almost). The accident happened in Febraury/02 and I have not had any problems with the Thule box since the repair was done.
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