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A few comments to somebody who is going to be skiing Killington:

Your pass has a bar code on it. They're supposed to scan it every time you ride the lift. In practice, this means it gets scanned most of the time on the K1 gondola, often at other lifts walkable from parking lots, and maybe once every few years at upper mountain lifts. You can sometimes get a ticket Nazi who doesn't want to bend down to scan a pass strapped to your leg. If you enjoy confrontations with non-English speaking and often rude employees, by all means put your pass on your lower leg.

Many of the clear plastic pass holders muck up the bar code scanner. The plastic needs to be fairly thin and 100% transparent. If it's not, those same non-English speaking employees will make you pull the pass out of the holder so they can scan it.

I just dangle my pass around my neck with some black shoelace + clip thing I got as part of a Baileys Irish Cream promotion in the bar many years ago. I pull the pass out when I hit the liftline and tuck it back in my coat as soon as I pass the ticket checker. I have a plastic strain-releaver on the pass. The stock metal chain they give you works fine as long as you use 2 of them for redundancy in case one breaks.

I ski in the trees a lot so I keep my pass inside my coat at all times. If I had one of those retractable doo-dads dangling from my coat, I suspect I'd strip my pass off several times per year. Besides, I'm the Imelda Marcos of Gore-Tex shells and I'd constantly be going to the mountain with the pass attached to some coat that's sitting in the closet.
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How are the glades and bumps at Killington?

I have only been to Kmart twice and both days were very early season. I went to Pico like my 5th time ever skiing a few seasons ago and that was great. I am not sure what I would think of it now.

I can't wait to take a midweek trip there.

I am thinking the retractable thing on my pants zipper is the best bet. I will tuck it my pants pocket when not in use.

Unzipping my Sidewinder is not as easy as most jackets and I don't want to do it more then a few times a day.

Thanks for the insight
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Scalce ,love the 'winder! great shell!
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Laminate your pass to the front of your helmet.
You DO wear a helmet, don't you?
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Originally Posted by Scalce

How are the glades and bumps at Killington?
Bumps at Killington are however you want them. With all the skier traffic, anything that isn't groomed has bumps on it and there are a lot of sections of non-snowmaking terrain that almost never get groomed.

Killington has outstanding tree skiing though not a whole lot of wide open gladed trails. Sadly, the best glade skiing on Downdraft and Big Dipper got chainsawed in the early 1980's but there's still plenty left. There are lines between virtually every trail. Only a few are on the map. Squeeze Play, an easy intermediate glade, on Rams Head. Low Rider, a fairly tight low-expert glade on Snowdon. Interceptor, a few turns above the alpine training center. Big Dipper, very over-skied glade next to the Canyon Quad. Julio, next to Ovation and the steepest thing at Killington and typically a rock garden at the bottom. Off the map, there are a few high traffic spots like The Light, Patsy's Panties, and Toilet Bowl that get tracked out fairly quickly. Most other places, you can still find lightly tracked powder several days after a dump. These are mostly tight trees, not glades.
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