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Tell me about Holiday Valley

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I was there once...about 15+ years ago so I'm guessing a lot has changed.

Any preference of lodging in Ellicotville? Being within walking distance of bars at night would be cool. Looking at the Ellicotville Inn or the Eidelweiss. Any opinions?

Might make a 2-3 night midweek trip there around January 10th. Any good tree skiing there?
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Eidelweiss burned down a few years ago, but it has been completely rebuilt. It's suppose to be a lot less of a dive now.

There are a few decent tree runs. Of course how good they really are depends on how much natural snow.
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Originally Posted by josseph
Eidelweiss burned down a few years ago, but it has been completely rebuilt. It's suppose to be a lot less of a dive now.
I believe that about says it all!:
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We'll if been to holiday valley numorous times, and I love it. It you want more detail, check out my review at http://www.epinions.com/content_145700589188

As far as lodging goes I would definately reccomend the inn at holiday valley, it has a great location right on the base of the mountain, and walking distance to the nightlife.
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Since your are going midweek you might want to check out Holimont for a day. It's a private area open to the public on weekdays, right in Ellicottville. I think they have 44 or so trails and at least a 600 ft. vertical.
As for Holiday Valley there are a couple of glades, one is a stand of Norway Spruce that is very unique, off the Tannebaum lift. The Inn at Holiday Valley is a heck of a place to stay. Ski in ski out is the way to go if you can swing it. Overall Holiday is run pretty well with several different areas to give a good variety of terrain. We usually make 2 trips a year there. Wish it could be more.
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So what's Holimont like? Decent pitches? Glades? Bumps? 600 v ft isn't so bad if it's a cool 600 v ft.
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Is Holimont really open to the public on weekdays? I was under the impression it was private all the time from their website
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Not sure, if it truely is private, maybe the PSIA thing will get me in for a visit extended from their Ski School. But of course, if it's 600 ft of groomers...I won't even waste my time.
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Holimont is open to the general public on weekdays. Overall Holimont generally receives much less visitors than Holiday Valley, which translates generally into better snow conditions later in the day. The trails are much like Holiday Valley in terms of pitch and length although it doesn't have the variety that Holiday has. The Greer chair (furthest left as you are looking up the hill, and the one you see prominently as you are driving up main street in town) generally has the most challenging terrain including an excellent and long mogul run. Overall, Holimont is great for high speed cruising on groomed terrain. Definitely worth a visit for a midweek day.
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We've only made it to Holimont one time. It was on a day where it had gotten cold after a 60 degree day so the conditions were not ideal. Not knowing the place I got myself into a pure ice mogul field, now that was an adventure! I didn't get to do all of the blacks but I've heard a couple of them are steeper than the blacks at Holiday. Holiday has a 750 vertical but most of the runs don't have the full 750. My guess is that Mardi Gras is one of the few that gives you 750 vert. Between the 2 resorts you'll have close to 100 trails and not a lot of people in your way. Should be a good trip!
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Patrolled there for 10 years, should know every inch, and I do believe me.

H.V. is a nice place for a great ski time as well as is the whole town of EVille.
There are 52 runs spread out over various terrain and it's really a challenge to try and ski them all in one day, which I used to everyday. More often then not, weekends are crowded and the lines are full which makes getting in 30 runs a chore but if you can manage a weekday trip it's wide open. I've seen days there with fewer than 200 people. Frequent dumps of Lake Effect snow make for more than the number of powder days and I can remember a stretch of 30 days in a row with fresh snow. Does it get icey? yes, but show me a place in the east that doesn't.

H.V. is a nice place with a full service resort feeling with three main base lodges with restaurants and a very nice Hotel at the base of Sunshine lift featuring ski in ski out lodging. Apre-ski downtown is the best with my favoritebar being the Gin Mill. Down the road is the Depot bar, owned by some friends of mine who are good friends with the famous Glen Plake who visits the Valley a couple times a year. Glen will tell you it's one of his favorite places to ski and hang out.

They cater to families and their ski school and handicap skiing program is second to none.

Worth the trip.
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Originally Posted by Buckeye Skier 1330
As for Holiday Valley there are a couple of glades, one is a stand of Norway Spruce that is very unique, off the Tannebaum lift.
On a snowy day one of the most beautiful places in America!
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Holiday Valley

Grew up skiing there 1968 - 1977. Live about 4 hours away now but try and get there for at least a day every year. I believe the average yearly snowfall is 180 inches which isn't too shabby combined with a very good snow making system. Prospects of having very good conditions are excellent.

The facilities and lodges there are top notch and in my opinion every bit as nice as you will find in the west. Holiday Valley does a tremendous job with what it has to work with(750 vertical ft.) and provides a wide variety of skiing for all ability levels. You're not going to find the back bowls of Vail there , but that's not being too realistic either . HV is still in western New York.

Its just a great place period and worth the effort to get there if you are within a half a days drive or so. The town is a real ski town with a wide selection of eating and drinking establishments. I don't know what Holiday Valley can do for an encore every year but there are always improvements. The money made sure looks like it's reinvested into the facility every year.
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