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First Time Buyer

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Hey guys

Ive been reading this site for a while now and i'm starting to get a feel for things. I've been skiing for about 8 years now but being from Australia i've only gotten to do it for about 3/4 weeks a year both in Australia and in Aspen. I was wondering if you could recommend things for me to look for when ski/boot shopping. Oh yeah, I got a job as a P/T instructor at Aspen Snowmass this season, thats why i'm looking. Any help would be great

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Shop should ask lots of questions

Whichever shop you go (I would try a couple to see the difference) they should ask lots of questions to qualify your ability, where you ski, the type of terrain...etc.

Consider equipment in this order:
Boots, footbed, skis, bindings.

No one brand is better than another. There is a lot of good equipment and the object is to find the best for you. Boots are always the most difficult to fit...buy the appropriate skill level that fits the best. Consider investing in a custom footbed...stabillizes the foot inside the boot, helps performance and solves many fit problems caused by movement inside the boot. Almost always worth the investment of $100-150.

Of course, many skis and bindings come as a system so this might turn out to be a default decision. Just make sure that the skis and bindings are appropriate for where you ski, ability, physique, etc.

Leave the shop if they start to sell you something without qualifying. You will be sorry if you buy from them. Plan on spending a couple of hours at least to buy everything and add another 30-60 minutes for footbeds. Try to go into a shop when it is not busy...and consider calling ahead to find out who is their best boot fitter and when he will be there.

Good luck.
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