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Both my wife and I are in the market for new skis this year. We are attempting to cut down the number of skis to demo. Would like to get it down to four to look at and demo. We both are good intermediate skiers. Almost all of our skiing is in the west, last year we got 30 days of skiing in Colorado. We ski anything groomed and started taking private lessons last year. Our instructor basically has told us we have the skill and ability to move on to harder areas, but lack confidence. Made our first turns down several un-groomed black runs with the instructor. Will continue with the instructions this year.

We are both members of the 50+ group and have been skiing for 10 years. I am 6’ tall and weigh 195 lb. At this time I am on 177 Volkl Carver Motions. In the past I have broken both the Carver Motion and Dynastar Max Cut 1. Snapped both ski just behind the binding. My wife is 5’2’ and 118 lb (she did give me permission to include her weight) and has been on 170 Rossignol Energy L for the past 5 or 6 years. We know that this is to long. One of the first things our instructor did at our first lesson was put my wife ski next to his and ask what she noticed. His ski was shorter than hers. He suggested looking at some thing between 155 and 160 but nothing more than 165.

I know this could take some time for this question, but with the number of skis available it is almost impossible to demo all of them and we would like to get the skis on our first trip out west this year.

Thanks in advance for any and all information.