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Thank You!

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To Bob Barnes, Bong, Mike_M, MikeWil, Pinhead, Skier 31, EABrown and all who helped blow up the stability balls and bosus! The highlight of the evening was seeing Bob jump from bosu to bosu in his sandals!!

Seriously, all of you are the finest people I have ever met, and moving out here was worth it just to spend more time with you!
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Great Hostess

I was going to post a thanks to our hostess when I found this thread.

Thanks LisaMarie!!

For being our hostess and providing great Pizza, Snacks and a fun preseason gathering. :

Good luck with your new venture!

It was nice to get together and see familiar faces and meet some bears we hadn't met personally yet. Gotta do something similar this winter.

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So we went by the studio this afternoon, and much to our surprise, Bong had stopped by and put up the window banner. IT'S AWESOME!!!!

BTW, you folks more than earned those snacks. You worked hard!
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Best wishes and much success.

Off to the golf course for one long day between lessons, tournament prep and shop work.

Ski&Golf aka Mikewil
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Congratulations! It was wonderful to meet everyone!

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Well, the flooring is now down, thanks to another Copper Mountain instructor. If you folks want to come by and play on the toys this weekend, come to the Open House Saturday and Sunday from about 12:30 to 5:30!
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Sounds like you are on target Lisamarie!

Good luck!
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