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Helmet fit question...

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So, after the big helmet thread, I decided to go out and get one. I liked the Ravine SC best, but none of my local shops had it in an XL, and the L just felt way too tight. But I did find one mail order for ~$70, a real steal, so I went for it.

Anyway, I'm not sure I got the absolute best fit, but it seems prettty good. My head measures 59-.5, which is in the right range.

I've heard different fit instrcutions, one is that if you move the helmet back and forth, you should feel the skin on your forehead move. No problem there. But the Giro manula seems to indicate that you should be able to pull up on the front of the helmet without it exposing your forehead. Now, no helmet that isn't incredibly tight have I been able to do that; they all come up a good 3/4 inch or so, leaving some of my forehead exposed. All helmets I have tried on seem to have a fair amount of movement back and forth. Maybe I just have a round head! Should I be concerend about this? I promise not to sue you if you turn out to be wrong.
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Lodro, I have always fit to the first part of you statement regarding movement backward and forward on the skull, however I didn't fit Giro only Boeri. I would say that each company has fit suggestions based on how the helmet is supposed to perform. I would say that if it is fitting right on the movement test back and forth that you should be ok. 3/4 of an inch isn't a large amount of exposure. If you have a concern simply take it to a shop and ask someone there. good luck and nice move on the lid.
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