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Killington in Dec (and Mar/Apr)

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I recently for the AllForOne pass and there fore want to make the most out of it. Can anyone tell me what kind of conditions I can expect at Killington and Mt. Snow in December and March-April? Thanks.
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I'm sure they will be crowded.

Which pass did you get?
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At Killington in December, firm manmade, with little skiable other than groomed runs most days . Bring slalom or cross skis. Might get lucky with a 6" dump, but not likely.

March-April, anything from skied off boilerplate to perfect corduroy to 20" piles of rain soaked slush. I usually find my Intuitiv 74's good for almost all spring conditions in the East, but there are days where you'll still prefer the ice skates, if it doesn't get above freezing.

It all depends on the time of day, temperature, skier traffic, and effects of the sun depending on what area of the mountain you're skiing.
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The second full week in Dec.(13th - 17th) I can assure you there'll be 400 east coast PSIA ski instructors descending upon Killington. I should be one of them.
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I skied Killington last year only in pre-season. Went there 3 times and was very happy with the conditions. I skied there during weekdays and the place was pretty much empty. I remember having about 50 runs open in early December perhaps even late November last year. Really if you can afford to go during the week instead of weekends even with 50 runs open you can pack a whole lot of skiing. If you are looking for tree skiing obviously, you might find it very disappointing at that time of year unless if we get a very snowy winter early on. But to get your legs and edge back in motion, pre-season skiing at Killington was very good last year in my opinion.
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My wife and I just picked up Gold passes for this season.

We will probably be spending most of our time in Maine as we have relatives in Portland.
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I have been going to Killington for over 10 years the week before Christmas. But I only ski 3 days then come home before the holiday. Usually you have decent conditions with no crowds at all. Sometimes you get lucky and have over 100 trails, sometimes you start the first day with 25 trails and end the 3d with 50 or so, and that's a bad year. Don't go to Mount Snow at that time, K is much more reliable and a much better mountain.
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I would agree with that. I've skied southern Vt. mountains (in December) one day and driven to Killington the next, and there can be a huge difference. A little more altitude and northern exposure plus heavy duty snowmaking can make a big difference.
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My $.02_Best_Scenario: Kmart weekdays:, tele/AT outta-bounds on weekends...
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March is usually consistently good. December and April are definitely hit or miss. The nice thing about having the pass is you can watch the weather and be at the mountain when they get hit. I caught all of the big storms last season, including a 2-3 foot powder day last December. I also caught a lot of less than ideal days, including one with extreme wind-chill when they actually closed the lifts due to the wind, but at least it wasn't crowded for the 5 runs I did get in.

Mid to late December is usually good, as is the beginning of April. Ealry December and late April (contrary to ASC's marketing department) are not consistently good. That said, I'm planning on heading up for my first weekend after Thanksgiving.
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