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early season trip

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Hi all,
For the first time ever myself and some friends are considering going west. Unfortunately the only time we can get our schedules to match is the Christmas holiday. Some possibilities we were considering is a resort in colorado such as Breckenridge, although Christmas crowds worry me. Another idea was a place such as whistler, although being so close to the water, I was unsure how the snow would be this early in the season. The idea of the Canadian exchange rate is always appealing and Lake Louise is another possibility. Of course there's always Europe and we could try the Swiss alps although that would only be a last resort seeing as the exchange rate with the Euro isn't so hot.

Thanks for any help.
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Christmas in Whistler would be excellent. Normally by early December you can ski top to bottom, and get some powder in too. By Christmas, it would be brilliant.
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Viper... where do u guys live? What timeframe is your Xmas break? I have a group going to Utah early Jan. with some spaces available.

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Whistler is definately a possibility. I'm actually going to go up with my dad, as he hasn't been out of the east since glacier skiing in europe 20 years ago, and his years left skiing are limited, so i'll decline on easternskibum's offer, although the sense of community here is really insipiring. My dad may bring my mom up too and she doesn't ski, but really wants to see Lake Louise, so any thoughts on that mountain? I hear the nightlife at Lake Louise is pretty bland, but that really isn't an issue, hopefully we'll all be too tired to care.
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if youre a good enough skier, whistler's sometime heavy snow is not an issue.

breckenridge is ok during christmas as long as you stay off the main chairs on peak9. peaks 7,8+10 dont get the crowds as much. i have seen much worse lines at vail+whistler than breck.
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By Christmas, all of the Canadian Rockies resorts should have reasonably good snow cover, as well as thousands of vactioning families. It will be crowded! You might want to consider staying in Banff and getting their three hill passes (Lake Louise, Sunshine, Norquay). That would give your Mum plenty to do while the rest of you are on the slopes. Other options would include a day trip to Kicking Horse or Panorama, depending on the snow. Lake Louise is about 45 minutes from Banff, Sunshine 15 minutes, Norquay 10 minutes (to parking lots).
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