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Wanna' run 26.2?

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I'm extending an invitation to any runners out there looking for a nice fall marathon. Top of Utah is a beautiful way to enjoy autumn while waiting for the snow to fly (or, in the case of year two, enjoy flying snow while running all the way down Blacksmith Fork Canyon). Check out the web site:

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Or the bike marathon?

Hi, Bill.

My crazy wife has got it into her head that she wants to ride LOTOJA. That's the bike race from Logan to Jackson? 203 miles. 9/11/04.

If she actually goes through with this (and once she's made up her mind on something, I might as well talk to the wall ), we'll probably be staying in Logan on Friday night, Sept 10. Assuming we do, would you like to meet for a carbo-loading session on Friday evening?

In case you're wondering, I'll be driving her support vehicle. I will *not* be riding. After thoroughly trashing my elbow about a month ago while helping her "train", my biking days are over for this year.

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Hey Bob.

I would call Ruth determined, but never crazy. She's tough. I've got two determined brothers riding this year. My Cali bro rode last year and he's now hooked. My youngest bro will be riding in a relay to raise money for a Rotary Club project. As you know, the course is unique this year due to road work in Snake River Canyon as well as a chip-seal program between Soda and Wayans. The ride from Montpelier to Afton is going to be tough - and that's the section my youngest brother "volunteered" for. He's been riding some this summer, but I'm not sure if he's ready for 43 miles containing two 7000-8000 passes. I trust Ruth is primed.

I'm sure that my whole extended family will be joining my brothers, their families and friends for some carbo-loading. Last year we packed the overflow room at my small town's premiere Italian restaurant (okay, only Italian restaurant, but it's still very good). I'm sure you'd be more than welcome to join in. I'll keep you posted on our plans. If we can't pound some pasta, I'd still like to chat. I'll for sure be at the start.

I don't even need an injury to convince me that biking 203 miles (or even 188) is not my cup o' Gatorade. I trust you'll be more than ready for the Alta Chutes when the snow flies.
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