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Where to stay in Blackcomb or Whistler Village?

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Ay thoughts on best place to stay for a 2 week visit to B&W? Cnsiderations are:
* near to lifts
* one non-skier who wants to shop!
* two children who will go into skischool early in morning
* three good adult skiers who also want to access the Freshtracks programme
* no big walks to places to eat at night (see kids above)
* close to a good watering hole at the end of the day - very improtant!
*best prices for self catering accommodation.
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how much do you want to pay?

if money is not an object -
Westin or chateu whistler or pan pacific - steps from ski school, lifts, shopping, dining. Location cannot be beat. pan pacific is THE best location - as you are literally a few steps away from accessing either mountain. with westin - you have to take 10 more steps - chataeu whistler is at the blackcomb base.

if you don't want to splurge:
- Delta whistler village suites. close to shopping, dining. but need to take a shuttle if you have kids. or if you are nice to your non-skiing partner - maybe he/she can drop you off at the ski school. it is a good 15 min of walk from here to the lifts. not something i want to do with my kids.

if you are on a budget - may God help you in whistler.
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You may want to think about a condo

You might want to go the condo route if you are going to be in Whistler for 2 weeks. The Aspens on Blackcomb is ski in/out and near to the Whistler village.
The Westin, very nice place have stayed there 3 times and love the location but it is pricey. So are the Fairmont and Pan Pacific Hotels as well as the newly opened Four Seasons, which is a bit farther out from the main village.

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if you are going the condo route - i would also suggest the woodrun, Snowy Creek, Pinnacle Ridge and The Gables - close to shops, pubs and ski school.
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Whistler village is almost one big watering hole, never too far from somewhere to apres there. I'm kind of partial to the GLC in whistler village or blacks, in creekside there's dusty's, in blackcomb merlin's or monk's

Fresh tracks is only available on whistler now so that might influence your decision.

All three bases (Blackcomb, Whistler and Creekside) have kids clubs right at the lift, easy dropoff and pickup.

Most of the restaurants are in Whistler village, if you stay up on the Blackcomb benchlands (those are the condo's up the side of Blackcomb) it's quite a walk over to Whistler. There is a shuttle but that also might not be that convenient with kids.

take a look at the accomodation maps on the whistler blackcomb website, then you can look at the shuttle maps and see if any of it matches up.

Another alternative is Creekside. There are a number of condo hotels right next to the gondola there. Usually less crowded than the other two bases in the morning and a kids club right there. Only a few restaurants in the area so going out will usually involve a taxi over to Whistler village. There's also a small shopping area with a good grocery store, but again any serious shopper will head over to whistler village.
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If you have kids, I would recommend Club Intrawest, beside the Chateau Whistler in the Upper Village. It has the best kids pool (complete with water slide) a free video game room, and free kids videos and board games. There is also a seperate "adult environment" pool/sauna/steam/gym area. The Upper Village offers fewer restaurant & shopping options than the Village (5 minute walk), but that is relative... there are still plenty. If you are going for two weeks, I'm sure you'll get sick of restaurant food, and Club Intrawest has extremely well equipped kitchens, and a grocery store in the building.

The nice time-share sales people lurking everywhere up at WB will be pleased to tell you all about it... and honestly, as far as time shares go, it's excellent value.
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Try VRBO.com
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The Delta Whistler puts you out right at the Gondolas and full access to all the programs.
Nasty Jacks (i think) is right there with a big honkin' patio and citta's is just around the corner. There's a nice quiet lounge with pool tables and TVs in the hotel. All the village restaurants a a short walk away. The place has a pool and exercise room as well. Not as spendy as the chateau or pan pacific but not cheap either.

This link is a great site with maps to orient you with the hotels and facilities

This new system for adding links is strange. You can book everything with these guys (flights, ski school, kid's stuff etc.) on that site but if you want just use the map and other info on the site.

Yes they are good friends of mine but they are good people and run a great service. Use it or just their maps as you please.

Oops look like they don't do bookings for the Delta so it's not actually highlighted on the map. Oh well friends of mine are involved with managing the Delta so I'm torn. I also stayed there last Febuary and found all the access to be as I said so that's the real point.
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If you are talking about the Delta Whistler Resort. It no longer exists. It is being replaced by Hilton, I think - and I don't believe it will be ready this winter. I
am not sure about the schedule - you may want to double check that.

Delta Whistler Village Suites in the North Village does exist. Great place - but it is a 10/15 min walk (5 min by shuttle) to the lifts.
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HMMMM This is shocking. Looks like it is now called the Whistler Village Resort. They just pumped a bunch of money into renos in the last year or so. It is/was owned by CP/Fairmont. I'll get a hold of my booking buddy and find out the scoop.
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Ok so apparently Hilton is involved but it's a little murky. I think they may have a contract to run the property and somewhere intrawest is also involved supposedly. I know my friends were working for Fairmont Group but maybe again just a contract to run the property.

It is currently closed but supposed to re open in September. Other than location and basic facilities I couldn't say more. Hilton may be jacking the rates up or stay the same but doubtfully lowering them.

No website at the moment but it looks like it will operate as Whistler Village resort.
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Delta Whistler going Hilton?

That would be very interesting if Delta Whistler becomes part of the Hilton family of resorts. I've got a ton of Hilton points in their frequent stay program and if they end up participating in the Hilton Hhonors program it would be a great place to burn some points.
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Good call on the Delta Whistler changing hands...


It's supposed to be ready the fall of 2005. Don't know what that means for bookings this winter. Maybe some good deals if they allow folks to stay durning the renovation.
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