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....are the same as the old ones!

I just picked up my new freeskiing skis this weekend, 195 X-screams, which I chose after a lengthy demo process (8 pairs). They just do everything well, and are tons of fun.

I got some Salomon 916 race stock bindings with a basic lift, 9-16 Din. I'm about 190, 6'1", 23 yrs old. I have them set to 13.

To my suprise, when was comparing them to my good old 997 Driver 11-17 race stock bindings I noticed that it was virtually the same binding! Same aluminum casing for the toe piece wings, same steel post/base, same basic heel piece. No spheric!! Only cosmetic differences.

Just a heads up for everyone. I find it very interesting that solomon has been selling the same binding to racers for at least 10 years.........

They actually seem very easy to come by, the shop was able to get them with no problem.