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Utah christmas break

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My family is thinking of going to SLC to ski for the week b/t Xmas and NY. Any experience on how nuts it does or doesn't get. Particuarly with re to liftlines. Thanks
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really. isn't every place crowded between xmas and new years. I don't mean to be
a smart-alec(sp?) - but what can else can you expect. we are planning to go to vail over christmas for the first time. it will probably be a zoo. But hey - that's why
we are going. what else would you want to be doing with your family over xmas and new years? the snow, the crowds, the lights -- aaahhhhhhh. can't wait till december.
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With a little planning you should be fine over the Hoildays. Deer Valley limits ticket sales so they never have those really ugly lift lines of 20 mins are more. Also if the early season snow is good think Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. Do ski Alta but only on a weekday. weekends there tend to have long lines. Weekends with Powder and the locals will eat you alive. Snowbird tram can have long lines so think about just doing the chairs. also Snowbird can be vary intimidating for low level skiers. You may want to think about skiing Solitude. Even on the most packed holiday weekends there are lifts at both the Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort that stay vary uncrowded. At Park City stay away from the Prospector Lift at lunch time and the Red Pine Lodge area at the Canyons.
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