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Mountain Towns Rock

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I just thought I'd report one more reason why living in a ski town doesn't suck.

Last night we went to an outdoor concert here in Jackson by George Thorogood. Rock and roll under the stars, hint of fall in the air, dancing on the grass on the lower slopes of Snow King ski hill. A couple of thousand skids and little kids and aging hippies and trust fund babies.

George puts on an amazing concert if you ever get a chance to see him.

As you can imagine in a ski town, these lyrics were *very* popular:

"Get a haircut and get a real job
Clean up your act and don't be a slob
Get it together like your big brother Bob
Why don't you get a haircut and get a real job"

We had a great time.

(Big brother) Bob
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You said it, Bob! And the great thing is, when you get out of the concert, you're not in some sleeze zone like Time Square or the Boston theater district, you;re in the mountains!
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and you know it's exactly what Neil Diamond had in mind with Hot August Nights.
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Hot August Nights?????? Its generally in the 70s or 60s by 9:00.
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"Temperate to Cool..." prob'ly wouldn't've helped album sales.
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Originally Posted by ryan
"Temperate to Cool..." prob'ly wouldn't've helped album sales.
Wasn't that Britney's last album or am I thinking of the reviews?
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