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Bandit XX question!!

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Up until end of last season I had been happily skiing on some 177 X-Screams which I enjoyed immensely. Towards the end of the season I tried some Bandit XX 184s which I thought were better in every area (trees, bumps, off-piste) apart from on-piste carving. I have heard many people say that this ski has superior edge hold/carving abilities than the X-Scream and just wondered if my experience was most likely down to a bad edge tune? Input would be appreciated as I am thinking of buying this ski.
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Your experience was most likely a bad edge tune. I have demoed several rossis and they are rarely tuned well. When i skied the 9x and the bandt xx, both had very nice tunes on them. I skied the XX in a 184 as well and loved it, it was light, fast, stiff, and wide. It had decent edgehold considering its width, but it didnt compare to the 9X which i also skied that day. If i had the choice i would take the XX over the Xscreams (which i own). Based on my experience with the 9X pps and the XX, im interested to try the RPM 21. It is pretty much a XX with the pps plate on it. Im certain that it excels on groomed snow,a nd gives a very smooth ride. One thing i did notice about the XX versus the Xscream is that the screams are much smoother in a carve, the XX seemed very light and not on the snow, even though it held very well... you deffinitly feel the terrain youre skiing over.
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It is fairly well known on this web site that I am in love with the Bandit XX. In my comparisons to other skis, it had great edge grip on harder snow. I will concur with helluva that other skis may feel smoother on hard snow at speed and that the texture of the terrain is well transmitted to the skier. However, these skis are so lively and quick edge-to-edge that they more than make up for that. Their intended use, for me, is in natural snow and glades, where they're the best an intermediate skier like me can hope for.
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First I will state that I was once an X-Scream hater, but I grew to enjoy riding that nice stick. I own a Bandit XX from last year (184) and believe it to be superior to the X-Scream where edge grip is concerned. I spent some time on both last season and was surprised at the feeling I noticed on the Screams, that the grip just wasn't as solid as the XX. Of course, the "Bad Tune" issue can be raised, but I think that a good tune on your 179-cm Screams would be the ultimate test. In my opinion, the metal in the XX and more pronounced dual-tec (mostly vertical sidewall) might attribute to the difference. Come on...can't someone get credit for improving midfats since the X-Scream debuted long ago? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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