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found mini-interview...

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(dated, but...)

from SKI magazine
by John Fry

"In powder snow and off-piste, no piece of equipment can come down the mountain faster than a board. When someone invents a faster, better way to go down the hill, it is to be respected. It was ridiculous for skiing to fight snowboarding. It saved the ski business, including resorts and manufacturers."

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Originally Posted by ryan
What He Should Have Said:

"In powder snow and off-piste, no piece of equipment can cause people to sit on their ass in the middle of a good line and then side slip the line, scraping the snow down to hardpack faster than a board. "

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I tend to agree with the original quote, although the second quote is darn funny.
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Yeah, don't we usually spend our time attacking snowboarders rather than each other?
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not really, and certainly not lately.

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We don't attack boarders anymore and we're getting along with the maggots so I guess we have to pick on each other. Thank god we have some easy targets like Yankee fans and Volant owners.
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