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Early Season Deal Alert!

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If you are looking for a great early season lodging deal check out:


Why you ask? Because you get summer rates until 12/16/04. For example I just booked my 1BR condo at solitude for 12/9 - 12/16 for the low price of $79 a night.

They have a good selection of properties in both BCC, LCC and Park City.

The best deal I got through the resorts was at The Canyons for the same time period and that was 1654 for a 1BR condo at the Sundial with Lift Tickets for 2 adults.

2300 at the Bird for a 1BR with Lift Tickets at ith Iron Blossam.

So basically I save a load of money by going to Solitude rather than the Canyons or Snowbird, now all I have to do is hope Honeycomb Canyon is open and pray for snow.

Anybody willing to offer some uinside tips for Brighton and Solitude?
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I'm not here to rain on your perade. Infact i hope it snows on your perade. still early dec is vary early season. Normally we do get a lot of snow around Thanksgiving. two years ago it was dry warm and people were golfing in Park City a few days before Thanksgiving. then it snowed and in a couple of days we were skiing. keep your fingers crossed be good to the snow gods and you might get blessed with a dump. Otherwize you may want to bring your Golf clubs as wellas your skis. I hope that this year that ends the draught. Who knows we might be skiing by Holloween.
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I like to roll the dice for an early season trip. I scored huge at the boat last dec 12-18. We had a huge storm the 2nd day and they opened new parts of the mountain every day after that.

I hear what your saying, that is why I look for deals like $79 condos...well lets pray for snow, because I have a vested interest now :0
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