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Binding suggestions for Atomic REX?

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I'm going to be picking up a pair of these in the next month or two in a 184cm. I already own the 10.20 and R11.20 both in a 180cm. I actually like the 1999 10.20s better, as they have quite a bit more spring in the tails than the R11s, but they've been relegated to rock ski status due to a questionable cracked edge. I'm 5'11" and 140lbs soaking wet. So these skis should provide me with some good floatation in all the deep powder we get in southern VT /sarcastic.

What bindings would you suggest for the REX? I understand they don't have the riser plates of the other Atomics, or am I mistaken? Should I get a plate and then mount a regular binding on top of that? Or stick with an Atomic binder, with the freemoving heel piece? Wide brake arms will be necessary due to the 84mm width of the ski. I rarely use the Variozone feature, but have been on Atomic (and before that, ESS VAR) bindings for quite some years now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Anyone? Beuller?
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One of the best features of this ski is it's one of the few Atomic skis that will accept non-Atomic bindings. That said, I'd go with either Look P12 ti's or possibly one of Tyrolia's new railflex bindings. I've never skied the railflex bindings, but I've heard good things from those who have.
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I have Look P12's mounted on my Rex. I don't think you can beat the P12 when conditions get nasty. By the way the Rex is not the best powder ski out there. The 84 underfoot helps in Powder. However the tip is rather stiff so they tend to dive in deep snow. If your looking for a pure powder ski i would look at something with a slightly less agressive tip. If you went a ski to take on all conditions Then the Rex is a great tool. Like the R11 That stiff front end really comes into play in nasty crud.
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You are correct- they come "flat"- no riser or mounting plate. I have Markers on mine (1200 Ti pistons) and have been very happy with them. They offer a bit of rise, but not too much, which is probably a good compromise (too much rise is not optimal in the deep stuff). I was debating putting Naxo's or Fritchi's on them, however- something to consider if you are interested in the backcountry.
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I prefer Look Pivot or Rossignol Axial bindings on any ski I'm going to be using in crud. They have the best retention of any binding on the market and never prerelease on me. Something like the Rossi Power 12 Axial Ti or Look P12 Lifter Ti would be my recommendation. They are light and have a little extra lift.
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I have the R:Ex in a 184. It is a great ski. I have the Atomic 412 binding that is adjustable forward and back. Using that feature on these and other skis, I can tell you that binding position makes a difference on all skis, some more than others.
However, the difference on the R:Exs is dramatic! They are two diffeent skis centered and one notch forward forward (by far the best). So I suggest either finding a binding that can be moved on the ski, or mounting other bindings slightly forward.

Everyone I know with R:Exs likes the binding forward. (Some even like it on the second notch forward; I prefer the first - sorry I can't remember off the top of my head how much a "notch" is - perhaps 2cm?).
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Cubco Plate.

rad and retro.
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This is my AT ski. Fritschiis mounted, no plate.
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Thanks for the replys. I'm really looking for lifter suggestions for the ski. And based on what has been said about binding position, I guess an Atomic binding is the best all-around option. These skis are going to be used mostly in East Coast powder, if there is such a thing. Crud days too, so ice will be a factor.
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