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Top Ten Ski Towns in America...

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Anybody else just receive their brand new issue of Skiing?

One of the feature articles is Skiing's ranking of the top ten ski towns in the US.

It seems a certain town in northwestern Wyoming tops the list.

Not that I would gloat or anything, but my, aren't those people at Skiing astute? Although where in the world they got the median home price they quote is a puzzlement of the the highest order.


Long live ski towns.
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I just read that article Bob. Not too far behind in 2nd place is my home away from home, Steamboat Springs. Both fantastic places to ski and live.
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The rankings are fraudulent. Where is Tannersville; the cradle of Cro-Magnan cuisine, and the home of Slopes - birthplace of naked bar sliding? :
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I haven't seen the new list or magazine but those are in fact my two favorite places to ride....JH and Steamboat. I'd may move to Steamboat when I hit the lottery.

What is the median price of a condo/home in JH? I assume the magazine printed too low of a #?
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I wasn't surprised to see Bozeman on the list. Perhaps the quoted median income of less than $17,000 will divert the moving vans to Summit County.
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Originally Posted by K2rider

What is the median price of a condo/home in JH? I assume the magazine printed too low of a #?
They quoted a "median home price" of $260,000. I believe the last statistic I heard on the average (which of course is not the median) was that it was nearly $800,000. Any given week, the median listing price has got to be over $1mm.

For those of you who have not seen the new Skiing Magazine, here's the list:

1. Jackson, WY
2. Steamboat Springs, CO
3. Vail, CO
4. Bozeman, MT
5. Hood River, OR
6. Truckee, CA
7. Park City, UT
8. Breckenridge, CO
9. Aspen, CO
10. Stowe, VT

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Their stats are way off for Stowe and Burlington too! : Please, you cannot find a decent rental for what they're quoting, unless you are flat out lucky to know someone. Expect to pay more like $800, at least, for a two-bedroom apartment and don't be surprised to pay $1,000 or more. As for houses? We own a house north of Burlington because Burlington is way too expensive (and Burlington is cheaper than Stowe). You wouldn't believe how many people commute to Burlington for work, sometimes up to an hour or more, simply so they can live in an affordable town. We were thinking about selling our house, so we've been looking at prices in the area. The price on our house has gone up considerably as more and more people move into our town, but we can't afford to buy anything else because it still doesn't equal the going rates (and we would actually be buying a smaller house now that two of the kids are out of the house).

Anyway, they are probably getting their stats from the chamber of commerce or maybe a realtor, and they are flat out misleading. My husband and I had a good chuckle over them. :
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Bob, for a nice guy you sure are tolerant of such Top Listing, and I am sure you know that such listings are great producers of immigrants who want to make it a "better place"

Missoula has grown radically in the past 3 years, thanks to 3 different magazines picking it as something like the "top mountain town in america" or other such nonsense.

what I want to know is, if you live in a "top skiing town," WHY would you want to ruin the experience by gloating and proclaiming to an extent that will lessen the chances of it remaining a "top" town, and more likely ensuring the downhill slide (ACK! ugly pun!) to overcrowded "resort" that caters to newbie jerkoff gapers with money.

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Originally Posted by nolo
I wasn't surprised to see Bozeman on the list. Perhaps the quoted median income of less than $17,000 will divert the moving vans to Summit County.
oh you just wait until the Bozo Chamber learns a few tricks from the Missoula Chamber, nolo.

seems that magazines reviewing "top mountain towns" (not ski specific) were given a median income figure of $29k for Missoula.

I think that's close to 2x the real number.

is the Bozo Chamber as greedy for "new development" as the Missoula Chamber?
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posted by Gonzo:

newbie jerkoff gapers with money.
Is there no room for gapers without money? Why is the assumption that people who relocate always have money?

I vant to mooove to Missoula, dahlink.
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Maybe I'm not as nice a guy as you think.

I first skied in JH in 1969, when almost no one in the entire world came here. I've skied here during times when you could ski untracked powder inbounds for days after a storm. I've ridden up tram after tram on unbelievable powder days with maybe two or three other skiers. I also ski here now when the tram lines can be over an hour long and the inbounds powder gets chopped up in about four hours.

You know what?

I still love this mountain and I still have excellent, joyous days of skiing even though there are more people tracking up "my" snow and clogging "my" lifts.

I don't begrudge anyone - anyone at all - who suddenly decides to move here. I wasn't born here and never even knew the place existed until I was in college. I fervently believe it's intellectually dishonest for one person who moves to a place in X year to decide that anyone moving in thereafter is less entitled to the experience.

I think it's wonderful that so many residents of mountain towns are so protective of their towns. Without that attitude, the pressures of development can bury the sense of community that makes these places so special. Newcomers often end up being a very important part of the opposition to additional development. (How ironic, huh?)

But I also think that we live in America. We have the right to live where we choose (or where we are able) and we have the right to develop private property as long as we do so within the rules established by our communities.

I'm honestly not at all concerned about this article in Skiing causing a mass influx of new residents (or even skiers) to "my" mountain. Ski media have been calling JH the greatest ski mountain in America for as long as I've skied here and our skier-day numbers haven't jumped significantly in ten years.

I welcome newcomers who want to play on our mountain.

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See, you ARE a nice guy, Bob.
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Gonz -

The Bozeman Chamber is not as fanatic as Missoula sounds. Though development is a huge part of the economy tourism, agriculture and the college are still major factors.

Nolo -

I would think the low median income would encourage people coming here. A huge part of the growth around Bozeman is people buying vacation property. They would see the low pay as a bonus since they can get subservient help (i.e. house cleaners, grounds keepers, ski instuctors....) for less.
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The difference between Missoula or Bozeman and Jackson Hole is $$$$. Based on what I've read and seen, the $$$ gap is HUGE. I know I'll make a ridiculous amount of profit when I sell my house in San Diego but I still can't afford to move to JH. However, I'd live like a king in Montana.
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Steamboat isn't the cheapest place either. I sure don't know where they came up with those figures.We've been looking for an affordable (at least by my standards) for the past several years. Had we bought the property we were thinking of in 1981, we wouldn't be quibbling over a few dollars, but that's all 20/20 hindsight.

Steamboat isn't a cheap ski ticket either and remains to be the hardest place to find any discounts at all. That's why we always end up in Somewhat County for most of our ski days. Can't beat that 4 mountain pass.

I also can't figure out how they came up with Vail as one of the best places to live. Sure it has everything anyone could want, but only if money is no object.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the whole article was fueled by big Ski Corp insiders looking for a bigger share of the tourist trade. Just as the skimags rate the skis by the amount of advertisment dollars the companies put into their magazines.

This is not coincidence. It always comes down to a money thing.
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