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More on Atomic Tuning?

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OK, so I got my BetaRace 9.20’s tuned, and I foolishly got sucked into a 1 & 1 edge bevel, despite BetaRacer’s eloquent treatise on the subject last year. Now, I see the error of my ways, and I want to go back to 1 & 3. I’ve only skied on them 1 day since they were tuned, so I don’t want to have anything unnecessary done. I’ll probably ski Sunapee Wednesday or Thursday this week and then bring them in. What do I say to the shop? Also, you guys in my area, where should I go? I’m considering Specialty Ski & Bike in Bellingham or The Ski Stop in Westwood. Thanks, and Happy New Year!
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Dont have a clue were you should take them but be hounest were ever you end up going and tell them they were tuned with a 1 and 1 and you want them tuned with a base of 1 degree and a side bevel of 3 degrees. Make sure they dont "detune" the tips and tails, thats only done with them old antique straight ski's. Plus tell everyone here what shop convinced you to tune them to 1 and 1 with full address so others no were not to go. Complete morons there.
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Thanks DC. I don't want to trash the shop, cause they seemed like nice folks (and the woman at the register was VERY cute), but see, "Atomic 10.20 Tuning Question," post below (near the bottom) for more info. I went there (1st time) because they SELL Atomics and HAVE a Wintersteiger machine. I won't make a big deal about it, but I'll go somewhere else from now on. Anyway, my guitars are all PERFECT!
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I have the same concern. Since I know the shops here very well, I know that i'll need to have my skis tuned on one of my trips out west rather than dropping off here at my local shop. Its sad, but at least I know it has to be done that way...
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Tominator, how about the ski shop at the end of the access road to Sunapee? I know they sell atomics and all of the top brands, but don't know specifically how well they would do with a tune. What I DO know however, is that Specialty in Bellingham is even worse of a shop than Village in Franklin. What I usually do is have them done at the better shops wherever I ski, and "touch them up" myself according to the conditions on the hill I might face for the next couple weeks/months, and in the case of this year, probably the entire season. I've been happy with tunes at Okemo, Cannon and even Mt. Wachusett. Good luck, maybe someone else has a better suggestion. Just stay away from Bellingham. That's the town you move to when you "make it BIG" in Woonsocket! Later.
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Thanks again NIKKI.

"Just stay away from Bellingham. That's the town you move to when you "make it BIG" in Woonsocket!"

Very funny! Perfect description - I know just what you mean!

Edit: Based on that earlier thread I referenced above, I think I'll try, "The Ski Shop," on Route 9 in Framingham. Comments?

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I did hear that that was the shop in the area to go to, I just forget the name of the guy to ask for, Mike was it. They just need a couple days to tune I believe. Long live the "Beef Barn" in Woonsocket. You can save enougnh for a season ticket just about anywhere! Later----
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Tominator I have my Atomics (BetaRide 9.22)in at the Ski Stop right now for a tune so I will let you know. They are a small shop but very nice and very knowledgeable. They carry Atomic, Volkl, K2 skis and Atomic, Dolomite and Dalbello boots. They are on Rt. 1A in Westwood only about 7 miles from my house (I live in Medfield) and probably not far from your home either. I see you live in Medway.
The other choice would be The Ski Shop on Rt. 9 in Framingham, which has gotten some great reviews from others and seems to be your choice for now. Let us know how it goes and what they charged for their tune.

Jeff J.
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Yes, I know The Ski Stop very well (www.skistopmass.com). Linda and Phil are extremely nice, patient and seem very knowledgeable - Phil is reputed to be an excellent bootfitter. I bought/mounted my bindings there. They did an excellent job, but I've never had a full tune done by them - just a touchup - though I did give them a copy of Beta Racer's Atomic Tuning advice last year, and it's no longer on my way home from work, so I'm going to try The Ski Shop in Framingham (Mike Desantis) this time. Say, "Hi!" to Linda & Phil, and tell them I'll be back when I'm in the neighborhood.

- Tom Karol (aka Tominator).
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Will do...I'll be in there later this week also for some footbeds and to pick up my skis.

Jeff J.
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Final word: I skied on them again today. In all fairness to the shop (Village Ski & Snowboard in Franklin, MA), the 1-degree side edge bevel isn't terrible. It's just not as tenacious on the ice. Otherwise, feels like a decent tune. I am going back to 1 & 3 (at The Ski Shop in Framingham) however.
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