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The awakening

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After taking recent discussions under further consideration, I'm starting to think you guys may be onto something in reference to learning impediments that transcend the physical.

I consider myself a very good skier, and I've dedicated myself to the pursuit of excellence in this sport, but the focus of that dedication has always been on the physical aspects. I've never took seriously the emotional issues that may be hindering my further progression. Perhaps I've been naive, perhaps just too proud. Either way, the discussions here may have me in the midst of a revelation.

Because you folks seem so cognitive of these issues, and highly experienced in helping students navigate through them I think I'll just ignore my self conscious fears, open my heart, and solicit the fruit of your wisdom.

Oh where to start? There are so many things that haunt me when I ski. For one, it's all those other people on the slopes. I know they're constantly watching me, evaluating me. All I can think about when I come down the slopes is what they think of my skiing. I'm sure they're criticizing me, laughing at me. When I catch an edge, when I fall on my inside ski, I just know everyone sees it and demotes me for it. I hope no one I know has seen it because I know they'll judge me harshly. I hate skiing under a lift, so many people with nothing to do but focus right on my skiing. And I hate to admit this but I'm getting older and the waistline has expanded. I know they're looking at me calling me a fat old man, laughing at me. I know girls find me totally unattractive because of this. It makes me angry to think of them laughing at my pudgy butt and puffy cheeks. Someday they won't be so pretty and then we'll see who's getting laughed at then. I don't have much money either. I didn't go to college and thus have been stuck in low level paying jobs all my life. And I don't seem to be able to hold a job either. They say I have a bad attitude. I don't see it. But regardless, it has left me in a challenging financial situation, so to be able to ski I must limit the money I spend on ski clothes and equipment. I buy everything at ski swaps and seldom update. The last new thing I bought was a used pair of White Stag ski pants after I split the crotch on my old ones because of my weight gain. I know everyone is looking at me, and they know I'm poor. I know they think less of me because of it. I think that's why my wife left me too. I see the other skiers with their fancy new clothes and spiffy new skis, strutting around acting like their s**t don't stink. They really p*ss me off. And I see the girls flirting with those rich guys. They're so shallow. They make me angry. I know those women notice my lack of wealth and write me off because of it. Just because I don't have money, doesn't mean I'm not good in bed you know. So what if I have trouble performing sometimes, that happens to everybody right? But still, I wonder if the people watching me while I ski know it happens. Can they tell? How could they? But maybe they can. I don't think that problem had anything to do with my wife leaving, I really think it was the money. She never really told me though; she just drove off in that fancy car with that rich guy with the ear ring. And she took my dog with her. I loved Flake; I miss him as much as I do her. Can the people on the lift tell I'm lonely? Can they tell how much I'm hurting? I hate them watching me, and making their little judgments the way they do. Do you think this stuff could actually be affecting my skiing? What should I do? : :
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sell ya body - get rich that way & all your problems will be solved
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I tried that once, but they told me I was worth more if I sold it as parts, than as a whole...

I realise it must be hard for you, since you are so practically motivated, to get through the summer, when all that can occur for those without snow is theoretical discussions. I feel your pain. (Although, only on a theoretical level, which I guess means nothing to you)
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Nothing will help you now. Just kill yourself and put us out of your misery.
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Such intelligent insight

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oh brother

You need to get a life. And yes size does matter,just ask your wife.
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while I'm picking up a crap load of sarcasm from Snow Dog's post, I've heard crap like this before on the snow (maybe not as extreme as SnowDog is portraying here).
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Originally Posted by Manus
while I'm picking up a crap load of sarcasm from Snow Dog's post, I've heard crap like this before on the snow (maybe not as extreme as SnowDog is portraying here).
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>>> I hate skiing under a lift, so many people with nothing to do but focus right on my skiing. <<<<

I love skiing under the lift 'cause what's the point of skiing if no one sees you?

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Yes Ott, it's the concept of intrinsic gratification vs extrinsic gratification: The implications of which constitute the true potential value of this thread. Must I spoon feed you guys?
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no thanks, cause I don't like what you're calling "food"
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I'm with Fox.
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Rhubarb pie
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What you say, SD, doesn't look like pre-digested rhubarb pie, or smell like it, but, it does bear a startling resemblance to post-digested pie...
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And still, he patiently waits.
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I just got to this bus stop----what we waiting for anywho? The up-town or down?
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Originally Posted by skier_j
I just got to this bus stop----what we waiting for anywho? The up-town or down?
Take a cab. From what I'm seeing there's not much worth at the intended destination.
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Yea coach, that's what I intitially thougth about this pschological stuff, but the folks here have won me over. You and Fox better be careful about condeming the psych side of ski performance, they don't take kindly to that in these parts.
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The Dog Blows.
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Not quite it Bonnie, but nice try anyway. I'm surprised you don't have more substantive input on this thread. You seem to have a strong interest in, and appear quite adept at, the softer side of skiing. Must be all the smoke bellowing from your fires of anger are temporarily clouding your thinking. Do try to get over it; you’re a much more attractive girl when you smile.
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Input, shminput.

I sure wish you'd at least spell my name correctly. Is it just that your attention to detail is lacking, or is it a deliberate mispelling? :

Either way, it's illuminating.

PS. Everyone needs a whipping boy.
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Originally Posted by Bonni
PS. Everyone needs a whipping boy.
Perhaps, but be careful young lady. A gentleman remains a gentleman with a snotty little girl only to a point, and then the brat suddenly finds herself bent over his knee. So far I've been very tolerant and polite with your sassy little comments. Don't make me have to spank you. :
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Like you COULD.
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Originally Posted by Bonni

Like you COULD.
Ahhh, yes. The classic challenge/invitation.

Ya got all tingly just thinking about it, didn't ya.
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Only if I take you out of the equation and visualize..........FOX!:
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Sorry Bonni, you have to get past Nolo's daughter first of all...
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: Yeeps!
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If we're talking about my daughter, it's more likely that Fox would be on the receiving end of that punishment. She's no cream puff.
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You may have stepped in it now. . .

Be careful you guys ranch daughters are pretty tuff, after all they have to get their own milk from the cow each morning whle their brothers clean stalls and irrigate.
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hey y'all - aren't we here to discuss skiing?

Anyone who knows me here knows I am opinionated... so it should come as no surprise when I say:

- SnowGod's (oops did I let that slip??) post was FUNNY and yet, he did have an interesting ulterior motive
- Bygones ... the "retribution" posts are getting old... in this forum I want to read threads with valuable content... not random BSing

Now I will rally and try to breath something into this dying thread:

"Pride goeth before the fall!" (you with me Snowdog?)

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