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August 1 ritual

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Here's mine:
1) bitch about hot, humid, wet, horrible weather, and job, as needed;
2) go to the basement, start tuning skis;
3) make list of equipment needs for upcoming season;
4) vow to ski much more and better this season than last, take an oath, repeat same to all passersby; and
5) get back on Epicski, repeating as necessary.
So begins my preseason, 4 months of intense anticipation.
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I feel your pain. Opening day for me is still 13 weeks from Tuesday.

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Jdub, Hey old friend. As much as I would like to be skiing right now, the Summer time around here, what you could expect from Summer, is so short to enjoy, Jonesing for snow just seems to increase depression. At 52 years of age, the time goes by so frrickin fast, I haven't had time to think about what new skis I'm going to buy for next season yet. I'm depressed because my Wife is leaving next week to drive my kid out to Steamboat for College. I gotta work, Bummer! Good thing about that, I already have a few ski trips planned around him being in school there, and a SUV to drive instead of renting from the airport. She's also picking us up a few Summit passes while she's there in Colorado. Maybe we can meet up for some turns out there. Going to be hard for me to make the gathering in Jackson. Timing isn't right.
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Hey a post from Lars, that's helping! Hows the shoulder bro? Yeah, I'm usually pretty sick of summer by Aug 1, but I am just a little edgier this summer (ok, I just re-read my post, I am just flat out grumpy at this point) b/c my freakin' job almost completely nullified my season in 02-03 after having cut short my 01-02. And now its taking a toll.
But enough whining from me.
Glad to hear about your son's good fortune. School in Steamboat, how bad is that? Should be a great year for him; and you'd be crazy not to visit often. Leave a pr of Chubbs and a sleeping bag in his dorm room!
I'll check in with you when the snow flies. Maybe we can line something up. take care
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