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Pants for skinny kids

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This is kind of a weird request. My 6-y-o daughter needs new ski pants, and she's hard to fit. I tried LL Bean, but they were soooo wide! Does anyone know of a junior brand that runs slim? I could go back down to preschool sizes, except they are too short (and most of those have elastic bottoms but no powder cuffs, so they ride up the leg. very annoying).

Anyway, if anyone else has encountered this with their own kids, maybe you have some advice...
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Skinny kids

Have a skinny 10 year old boy. I think that I bought Columbia ski pants for him when he was about that age from REI. If I still had the pants around I would send them to you but they have been "Recycled" to a cousin.

Good luck
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We have some Columbia bibs that my son wore at that age, too, but my daughter absolutely refuses to wear bibs. But I could try them on her for size -- thanks for reminding me!
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The North Face kids stuff is cut fairly narrow (my kids are skinny, too). With luck you can find the previous year's line at more than 50% off.
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My really really thin daughter, wears slim in everything, has had good luck with columbia and marker. She is short too which might make a difference
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Obermeyer fits most kids well, but most offerings are bib style. Also check out the Roxy line for kids - pretty hip stuff for the young 'uns.
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Thanks for the replies, everyone. It will save me a lot of time --
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