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I was at Killington and spotted a "wicked" fast looking pair of skis in the corner of a shop.

2001 Salomon DH, 210's $599 (new)

No USSA number required since two pair were ordered by a guy who only took one.

If you are still looking:

Peak Performance Ski Shop
(802) 422-9447

Also said they would be good for SG
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Thanks Yuki!
Those are a wee bit long for master's super g though. Also a tad too expensive pour moi...

Oh, by the way, there's some next year Volkl P50 sl's on ebay.
ps: that killington area's pretty good (or bad) for one's ski shop habit eh?
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Damage was minimal. Only purchase was one pair of boots for Jr. Racer ($150).

Just bought last years SL.... so I'm safe on that count.

However Jr. did notice that his P-40's are not race stock............. "dad these have bumps and mine don't" so I'm sure the push will be on for an upgrade.

One shop at K had the P-50 Motion for $995 so some of those prices on E-Bay are not too bad if you gotta have em.
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Ah the push never ends!
Speaking of ebay, I got one of those "Skiing with JC killy" videos for $3 + shipping. The part with Killy (only 1/3) is beautiful. Sound is even good (they use a -real- piano for god's sake!)
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Wow, that's my kind of deal. I tend to get real cheap on the soft stuff. Keeping a family of four on snow keeps me spending $ on the hard goods and I've been shirking the goodies.
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