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Emptying the Workshop...

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...as we are gonna move it to its new spot in our store.

However, am obviously gonna clear it all down to do so, and am willing to get rid of plenty of stuff.

This will probably inc (but as yet nothing is definite!);

Sugar Daddys 173 - ex Demo
Big Daddys 193 (duh..) - ex demo
Intuitiv Big 178
V-Pro 180
LINE Skogen Sprang 176
need to check the others....

Atomic Race 1018 Bindings
Atomic Race/Ride 6-14 Bindings
Some older Marker MRR SC Race Bindings
Other Tyrolias, LOOK/Rossi, Solly and whatever else I find....

Also, if there are any odds needed drop me a line - screws, riser plates, brakes, etc.

Once I go thru the stuff in the next few days I'll have a better idea of prices, exactly what I have available, and shipping costs. Also be able to get Pics if anyone wants to see the gear first, although most is still boxed / in plastic.

(NOTE; The store is based in London, UK. Therefore, for North American Orders, the shipping could be high - we'll see, and try to find a slow boat price too if you really are interested.
EU and def. UK guys, this could represent some v. good deals!)

If there is anything in particular you are interested in, let me know so I can email you directly with details regarding prices, availability etc.

This stuff will go on Ebay, but I'm posting it here and a few other boards first for first refusal.

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okay, here is the first round of gear.

Bindings and boards to come tomorrow, and other stuff later in the week as i come to it!

deals marked * inc bindings, for more info just ask.


sKI CM COST/pair

Pocket Rocket 185 210
Dynastar In. Big 178 250 (1 offer already)
Atomic Big Daddy* 193 360
Atomic Sugar Daddy* 173 360 (Prov. offer)
Volkl Snow Ranger 180 150
LINE Skogen Sprang 176 x2 230 (2 offers)
Atomic R9.22 160 190
Atomic R EX 168 275
Atomic R11* 160 335
Dynastar In74 167,182 275
Dynastar In74(grn/org) 175 255
Sal. Scream10 Pilot* 180 385
Sal. XHot* 185 410
Atomic Ride10.22 190 250
Rossi Bandit X 160,170 210
Dynastar In69L 167 x2,175 180
Dynastar In69C 167, 175, 180 180
K2 Xplorer 193,198 x2 110
Volkl Supersport4* * 148 285
Atomic GS9* 170,180 385
Atomic SX9* 170,180 260

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Wide Brakes

Do you have any wide brakes for Salomon 912's and a ski with an 84 mm waist?
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I am looking for a set of riser plates for a late 1990's set of Marker titanium bindings. Do you have anything available?
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