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Looking for a boot fitter

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Looks like we need one more boot fitter to complete our staff for this coming winter. I do not know if posting here for this is o.k. , but what the heck. We are located at Stratton Mountain , VT. and the shop is called Green MOuntain Orthotic Lab. If any one is interested please PM me. Not sure yet but we are negotiating with another mountain to open a full on biomechanic lab the likes of wihich this country has never scene . The goal is dispell and further reinforce present theories and myths about alpine skiing and " The system " equipement approach for performance and comfort. Any bites , Greg
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I take it you are looking for an experienced boot fitter and not someone that has been fascinated with the "proper boot-fitting" process and that is willing to learn.

And is this the Greg I think it is from Green Mountain?
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gmolfoot - I tried to PM you, but you're not accepting PMs. Send me an Email - contact@alpineone.com
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Hi Greg,

Mikey here. If I was a boot fitter I would love to come and work with you, becuase I know if you were a ski tuner you would love to come to work with me right?
Just joking around brah. I recommended you to Greg B from Alpine Zone. I told him you are worth the trip. Think you'll be expecting a visit from Heir Stromeyer this fall? I'll give you advance notice if he's leaning that way. Maybe you could sick your new boot tech on him to break him in.
Good Luck!
Mikey D.
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I have tried to PM you but only see an option for a direct email which you don't have set to receive. I don't see a separate way to PM but may still be missing something in this funky new system.

I find the concept very intriguing but at the same time presenting many obstacles.
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Hey to Mickie D . If I new what to do I would fix the PM issue . Dchan can you help !!!????
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Click on the "UserCP" link at the top of the page and go to the "Edit Options" to turn on PMs and Email.
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