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poles, poles, and more poles...

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last year finally did my poles in. you can only bend them back into shape so many times. i just can't decide what i want. i'm 6'2 220, so i'm lookin atleast at the higher grade alum's, and i'm not really sold on composites. i've been lookin at the scott firewalls since they somewhat match my R:EX's...any ideas people!!! our season has started over here and i can't work without my tools!


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Look for a pair of the Scott world cups from a year or two ago, the blue ones with the red and white graphic. They stand up to abuse incredibly- racing, park, trees, and a few yard sales and nothing seems to even scratch them.

If you're looking to do any racing, dont get composites- they'll shatter on gates when its really cold out. You said that you had R:EX's though, so you probably aren't doing any racign. Composites are great for park and freeriding, but id still go with the Scott WCs.
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My opinion on poles! Buy the cheap ones, any ones, they are only poles, expensive ones or cheap ones, neither will make you a better skier. I go through at least one set a year...$20 poles work just fine and I wreck them just as fast as an expensive pair. I picked up 2 pairs at MEC in Calgary for $12 a pair and they have the big baskets (bonus)...so for $24 I'm set for this season and probably some of the next. I would sooner put my skiing budget into quality clothing or goggles or toward new boots (something important) rather than poles...just my two cents
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got 500+ days on my GOODE composite poles.
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Get these: Scott poles

I had one pair of Scott poles (the black and neon yellow ones)for 6 years until a chairlift bent them...I liked them so much I bought the new version of the same model.

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I agree with poodle... cheap poles are the way to go. I just look for the $20 kind. Mine are almost never matched sets due to breakage (probably one pole a season), but I never feel have to worry about them since they are so inexpensive.
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I will never ski with an aluminum pole again. Goode composites are the only thing I use. I love the interlock grip, no straps and the glove clips right in. I broke one pole in 10+ years of use and that was to my stupidity.

The composite reduces stress in pole plants and also has 1/3 the wind resistance.
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I just snapped some fancy carbon polls last weekend. No bend, just broke. I am getting cheap ones from now on. They were light and thin but I can't spend 80 every time I break a pole, which is now twice in the last 20 days.
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Another vote for Scott poles, both aluminum (Series 4!) and carbon (a little too stiff recently. Look for a Scott T2 at swaps).

Some of the top Kermas match them for swing weight and feel, but never for value. You may be able to find a brown-shaft CF Scott with a ripped grip (they do) at swaps, then put this or last years' grip on there for single-digit prices.
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I stick to composit poles also. I have abused mine like no other and they stand up to almost anything. The only time I have broken mine what when I landed on them in the pipe and my edges cut the poles in half, but I don't think any pole could handle that. When I did break them though I just took them back to the shop and they gave me a new pair on warrenty.
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Leki Freeze $40. I've had them for a year and I love 'em. I'd defintly say go cheap as you can without resorting to Tomic, as those are the worst poles in existence. Also, make sure the basket style matches your snow type.
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Some people here obviously just have too much money...gotta have poles to match my skis! :
What if someone steals your "composite...techno, fly me to the moon with the least wind resistance, and get me there faster, and make me a better skier poles" while your eating lunch? Then you're probably out $100 or so. Me and my cheap ass poles, nobody would bother...and if they did well I guess they needed them worse than me and I will be out only $12 this year

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Cheap poles bend-sure, they are cheap, but 1 pair of good $60 poles (Scott World Cup SL) will last you longer than 3 pair of cheap poles. Plus, the grip is (at least for me) more ergonomic and comfortable. If you can find a used set for $15, you are golden.
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Another vote for Scott World Cup Racing poles. I bought my first pair in 1985 and I finally bent one in 2000 when I fell hard and awkwardly on it. No problem, I heated it up over a flame and bent it back into shape the best I could. They held nicely and are now my back-up poles. Although, I doubt if I’ll need them. Two seasons ago I found a pair of Scott Series 4 SL poles on sale for $50-$60. A much better investment then cheap poles, which I used at one time in my life until I’d bend them in the bumps after only a few days.
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Another vote for the Goode Composite. I've had them for 3 years at 70 days a season. (Well at least I think 3 years, it's been so long I'm not sure.............)

True they are not cheap but I love the lack of vibration that the composite provides when you tic/plant.
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snapped up some lekis last night at skidazzle - ones i wanted with the rubberized grips - for $15.
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I'll never get aluminum poles again. 4 seasons so far on my Swix composites.
In addition to durability, they are noticably lighter. They didn't feel any lighter when I started using them, but aluminum poles feel heavier now if I use them.

By the way, Poodlebite, what if someone steals your expensive skis when you go in for lunch?
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I use Life-Link AEC composites. Couple of inches adjustment.
Light, with a nice whip action for fools that want to use humans
as slalom gates!
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I'm still skiing with my composit poles made by ICE from Salt Lake City. I think I bought them 7 years ago. They have been through _ell and still work great. I have scott baskets on them because the ICE one's wore out. I have the strap ends duct taped because they have frayed. They are gray on the bottom half and blue on the top, except for where my ski edges have scraped the paint off. Both have large area's that have no paint on them. There not bent and still have the same feel as when they were new.

Long live composit poles...

Here's a strap tip. If you put duct tape around the strap tension device. It helps to keep the straps seperated so they are easier to slip over your glove.
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I bought my cheap $12 aluminum poles 8 years ago. Last year, some idiot stole them : They had served me for 7.5 seasons. I am not ever buying expensive poles: pay $60 and get them stolen? I'd rather be skiing
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I bought my cheap $12 aluminum poles 8 years ago. Last year, some idiot stole them : They had served me for 7.5 seasons. I am not ever buying expensive poles: pay $60 and get them stolen? I'd rather be skiing
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I'm kinda with AlexG on this one. I have a really chinsy set of scott poles that I teach with. I a sorta torn at the moment. I prefer skiing without poles now but that sorta doesn't set the correct image for a ski instructor. Poles suck.
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Pierre: [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] They do suck! When I was skiing with the cast on my arm, I couldn't use my poles, and I had a blast!

Originally posted by U.P. Racer:

...what if someone steals your expensive skis when you go in for lunch?
I think I am seeing more and more skiers use bicycle-type locking devices when they go in for lunch.

I don't buy expensive skis, and that's part of the reason why I don't [img]tongue.gif[/img] My entire set of gear cost me less than $300 + mounting when it was new

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I vote for any Series 4 aluminum pole, they are more durable, and much lighter then cheap aluminum poles, and you can get last year's model from a number of company's (scott, kerma, smith) for about 35 dollars if you look around. I've had a set of smith z-bends from whenever the first year they came out (maybe 8 years??) and they are still bend/dent free. The higher grade aluminum(series 4) is less likely to bend, however it is stiffer and more prone to snap then the cheap poles which uses just bend/crease/etc...
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I heard that the Arno Adam ProModel pole was coming to the US this year. Toughest pole ever made. You guys heard who has them?
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