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Four men were out golfing one Saturday afternoon. Three of them were standing to the side waiting for the group ahead to move along so their partner could hit. While they were waiting, one of the three started grumbling, which prompted the others to question his sour mood. He said, "This golfing with you guys is costing me a fortune. This morning when you called, I had to ask my wife if I could go. When she said 'no', I practically had to bribe her. First I had to give her money
to go shopping with her friends, then I had to buy a new pair of shoes because she threw the old ones out, then I had to buy new balls, then the green fees, then the lunch. This day must've cost me a thousand bucks by now."
When the other two with him started complaining of the same scenario, the lad about to hit was laughing so hard that he started shaking and couldn't even hit. Slightly angry, the three asked him what in the world was so funny? When his laughing subsided enough he said, "This morning after you called, I went back up to the bedroom and snuggled right up tight to my wife. She glanced at me over her shoulder and said 'and what can I do for you mister?', I put my face right up to her ear and whispered in the sexiest voice I could muster, 'golf course or intercourse?'. She just turned away and said "You'd better take a coat, it looks to rain." The fellow started laughing out loud all over again. The other three started to cry.
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then I had to buy new balls
Apparently they were all out!
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