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I have seen some ads on the classifieds section for Stockli skis (mainly race models), where the sellers mention that the skis require that you ski them with a bit of attitood.

What is behind this? Are people winning them in raffles, or getting them and then discovering the horrible truth?!

I got a pair of Ravers (the XP) this season and can understand the problem - on easy slopes, they are exciting. On faster slopes and harder snow, they are frightening! I love them, but in the wrong frame of mind, they are not fun. Like being on a horse that just wants to run. Give them an inch and you're hanging on like grim death. But in an aggressive mood, they are right there, powering through everything.

Stockli do make easier skis - their all mountain midfat, the Easy Rider, is very nice and gentle, but handles just about everything. The Storm Rider, well!
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Haven't tried the Ravers Ant - but I've got the yellow slalom ones & I agree - scarey!

Then again - when I get my act together - I love em!

Was chatting to one of the Thredbo guys in Whistler about them - I was thinking they may be TOO much for me - but he insists I should stay on them - syas they force me to be agressive - & I need that!

We will have to have a ski this winter - so I can get your opinion.
??? Are you skiing this weekend - I'm staying Jindy skiing Thredbo?
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Now kick it up a notch and try the Laser SC! Fast and smooth..... there will be two "incarnations" of this ski next year.

When I was trading in my Volkl F-1's (188), for the Stockli GS (178), the rep kept trying to talk me out of it. They did not like the "heavy traffic" of eastern trails, for those rare early morning moments where I could let them run they were quite a ride, but I switched over to an AXC and later, the SC to be rational and practical. I think that Stockli sells darned near a true "race stock" ski "over the counter".

For next season ....... [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] 155 SL's too ....
I can't wait! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Does Stockli make an all mountain comparable to the 10x, or any of the other popular top of line wider waisted skis. I mean I know they do..but Imean any that are as diversified.
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I demoed the Asteriod (fat pow type ski) a couple of seasons ago. Thought it was a heavy, slow and lacking quickness, it did not impress me at all. Ended up with the Volkl G4.
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i found a place that rents stocklis here in vancouver. I have got to try a pair of asteroids next year if only to experience one of the(if not the) craziest fats on the market.

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Interesting info. Yeah, the Raver XP is a BIG ski, and I got the 162s (designed for big men) as I hoped the extra length would work in soft snow. it does, but the damn things have only one speed...fast. I spend all my time controlling them. Gorgeous, precise ski though, and the way they kind of resonate underfoot at speed feels awesome.

Not good for teaching 4 year olds on though.

The Stormrider is the performance mid fat, and the Asteroid is the FAT heli ski thingy. The Easy Riders were popular here this year with the all mtn soft snow crowd who were scared of the Stormrider! I liked them, but they lacked "snap". Good price, too (the Easyriders that is).

the Spirit IV wasn't a bad ski for all mtn use, too.
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That description pretty well matches all of their top line skis. they really are different from the other brands. it's odd how it's hard to get them in the US. The Euros I worked with said they were the most expensive ski in Europe. Here in Oz, they are cheaper than Salomon and K2. My friends, who are the importers, said that the Raver XP was sold out in Switzerland, and so they were bringing out the XXP quickly to plug the gap.
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The Asteroid was a joint design effort between Stockli and Dominique Perret. He was European extreme champ at varios times. It was made for his powerful tecnique with no compromise! Not for the faint of heart! Requires constant attention and is not forgiving of mistakes. Dominique was named Free Skier of the Century a few years ago by Powder Magazine.
He? Dominique is girl's name and the photo looks pretty feminine to me. http://www.snowbizz.com.au/Home/Stoe...eckli_ski.html

BTW while I'm being picky they are Stoecklis!
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Originally posted by gerathlete 1:
He? Dominique is girl's name and the photo looks pretty feminine to me...
From: http://www.skier.ch/intro.htm

Last name : PERRET
Name : Dominique
Date of birth : 20 november 1962
Condition : Maried , 2 kids , Charles (94) & NoƩ (97)
Height : 184 cm.
Weight : 84 kg.

Here he is. Note, real skiers sweat and have messed up hair.

This is a model. You can tell by the funny hat and the lipstick. She doesn't sweat.

Don't worry about the gaff. Its probably a "Boy Named Sue" thing. Besides, them thar 'furiners always have funny names

Tom / PM

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Originally posted by gerathlete 1:

BTW while I'm being picky they are Stoecklis!
Actually I think it is o (with an umloud ??sp - you know two dots on top) - but our keyboards don't have those. I think the 'oe' is the way around that.
I'm told it is as in "stick"

The skis say Stockli(with the dots)
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...... as in ...... "stow" yer gear matey ....
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btw- if you haven't seen this guy ski on film, you're really missing out. he's amazing. also, you probably HAVE seem him ski, but just didn't know it. he was the skier in the opening to james bond 'view to a kill' if i'm not mistaken.

i love how they use 'condition' too funny.
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Yeah, the Condition thing gave me a chuckle, too! Well, his certainly is a condition...

Am I getting mixed up here, or was he the fellow who skiied Everest? I'm very impressed with him, he's older than me! Not many are these days.
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Davo Konicar skied down Everest on a 170cm custom-made Elan ski appropriately named "Everest" (the highly-trained technicians toiling away deep in the bowels of Elan's world-famous Ski Name Selection Department really came through on that one) Elan offered a retail model in a limited quantity. As for "Schtowklee" skis, I checked out their website and was underwhelmed with that model chick. Is that what skiers look like in Europe? Up here in Canader the snowbunnies don't normally go around wearing Snoopy hats and fuscia lip gloss. They save that for the apres-ski bar scene.
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I have some Raver E's that I got from holiday. their 163's, about 3 yrs old, and seem to have the demensions of the XP. I only skiied them twice mostly on blue groomers but I've had no problems handling them.

Anybody know how they compare to the XP? I assume the E stands for easy.
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How much metal in the topsheet? The XPs have a layer of shiny silver stuff that is as fat as the edges (no capping so you can see the layers).
I haven't found their terminal velocity yet - not game. Might take them for a spin tomorrow actually...

They always seem to have 2 versions of the Raver. When I got the XPs last year, they also had the Coredo, similar dimensions but much softer.
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