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Those of you praising Snow Country are making me nostalgic! I loved that mag too, I remember how excited I was to actually get a job there! I figured I was set for life! : However, I can honestly say that being a freelancer is a whole lot more fun in many ways.

Bryan, you're right, pretty much the reason it folded was the lack of ads. What a curse that is. Readers hate all the ads, but that's what pays for the mag. I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated as a consumer to pay good money for a mag that had more ads than stories. It's tricky finding the balance, I guess.

Let's see if I can theorize on your questions:

1) I admit it. I have no clue why page numbers aren't in sequence. I'm assuming you're talking about a mag like SKI where they have the Eastern section plopped in the middle of everything else.

2) The end of the lead article is buried in the back on a page with no numbers because we had to fit it on a page around ads without jumping it too many times and since the advertisers want you to read ads, they don't want numbers on the pages. Supposedly you'll notice the ads while you're trying to figure out where the story you're looking for is buried. :

3) The articles provide little discussion about the technical nature of skiing, only pictures, because your average skier doesn't understand the technical side of skiing. More people seem to be able to look at a picture and see what they're supposed to be doing. The old "learn by watching" routine. Also, it's pretty tough to find someone who is a great instructor and also is a great writer, who can put technical jargon into words that your average skier understands. Unless you have an instructor who can write clearly, or an editor who happens to also be able to write about instruction, you've got a problem. :

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled programming of what excuses folks use to get out of work and go skiing...