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Volant T3 Super Sizing

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Wondering if I could get some guidance on sizing... after reading countless reviews, I've decided on a nice pair of T3 Supers. I'm just curious about sizing...

I ski mostly in the East [with a few days out West each season]. Been skiing for about 15-20 years now, and I basically ski everything. As far as a level goes, well, it's all subjective, but I'd say somewhere around the advanced/expert line. Ski mostly cruisers and love speed.

I'm 6'1 and 165. I've been skiing 190 straight skis and a pair of 1997 177cm Volant Supers alternatively. I feel comfortable on both, but the Supers feel short to me at high speed. I'm considering going up to 185 on the new Supers, but am worried that this may be a bit too long.

Anyone have any guidance here?

Thanks in advance.
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Greetings, Mikefut. I recently purchased a pair of last year's T3 Supers in 183 cm. I am similar to you in size, but you have been skiing far longer than I. So far the T3s have been delightful skis and, although these are the longest skis that I've ever been on, I have found them to be easy to control. With your experience I doubt you will have trouble with the 185s. Enjoy!
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I skied a Volant Power Karve 193 cm for several seasons, and now I am on the Volant T3 Powers 180 cm. I am 6'1" and weigh over 200 lbs, and find they work very well.

It did take me a couple of runs to get completely comfortable with the new balacne point, but onced dialed in, they were fine. Haven't missed the 193's at all, but I still have them.
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