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K2 Edge Bevel?

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What is the factory bevel on K2 skis?

I may be picking up some Public Enemies this weekend.

When I looked at them in the shop they looked like a 1 and 1 or maybe 2 at the most.
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your right 1 and 1 is pretty standered for K2. I played with a 2 side bevel but it was too much.
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K2 says 1 and 1
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1 & 1 is correct.
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One and one is a good call for the PE, and is probably pretty close to factory, but skis like the Axis XR come out of the factory with more like 1/2 and 2.
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K2 must have had a good day in China!
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I ended up with the 1080s anyway so you don't have to worry about fixing the K2s Mike.

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