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Hi all,

A few months ago, this forum helped me decide to go for the Fischer Worldcup SC instead of the Race SC, I can only say after skiing both there is no real decision, anyone that is considering either should go for the Worldcup SC. It is simply one of the nicest skis ive ever riden.

Both skis were 165cm in length, current WC SC having R11 (123 66 102), last years Race SC have R12 (115 64 97). Both running Tyrollia LD12 Railflex bindings. The WC SC this year came with an integrated riser plate adding around 12-15mm of height(+33mm of binding height). The difference in weight is fairly obvious, WC SC being a little hevier, most probably due to plates which give added stiffness.

Actual riding couldnt be simpler, its actually more user friendly that the Race SC, I put this down to the wider tip. The turn initiation and linking between left and right turns is effortless, a friend described them as an F1 car (there would be a slight difference between his salomon crossmax's). The Race SC required a bit of effort to start a turn and link them together. How tight a turn is made is pretty much linear to how much effort you would like to use, however for the really fast tight turns be prepared to spend some energy in those legs. It was more at home over the firmer smoother ground, chopped up snow, with very uneven terrain they became a bit of a handfull.

Id recommend these WC SC's over the Race SC's and I would like to say others ski's but I havent really tried any others so I cant comment.