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Big expansion at Tremblant, Intrawest to invest another $1 Billion

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http://www.integratir.com/newsreleas...ang=EN &ny=on

Two more pedestrian villages, more condos and hotels. Skiable acres increased from 600 to 1000, with Killington around 1200, that would it the second biggest in the east.

There’s already enough development and congestion as it is.
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They are talking about a 60% increase in the number of on-mountain skiers from 12,000 a day to 20,000 a day!
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I would never compare Tremblant to Killington because I think the mountain is lacking in the terrain department.

Adding skiers to an already crowded mountain just makes it worse even with the expansion.

Now I definately wouldn't go back there.
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Tremblant sadly sucked when we were there last year during president's week. I vowed then that I'll never go back after Intrawest showed that it gave then, not a shit about the skiing, but only the almighty real-estate.

They refused to blow a flake of snow after Jan. 31st, when weather was ideal, but the slopes were glazed like a week old Krispy Kreme.

They cried that they couldn't afford to blow snow as more obscene develpment was being packed into every crack in the sidewalks.

This will only make Tremblant (which used to be a nice place to ski just a couple years ago) suck all the more, IMO.

Buh bye. I'm not impressed.
Yet, I somehow hope they can prove me wrong.
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I live at Tremblant and run a free information website to try and give people a heads up so they don't get screwed to bad by Intrawest. However, do not look for any ski expansion before all the condos and new villages are built. And then that new terrain still might not happen. Terrain expansion is listed by Intrawest: "as numbers show it is needed".

To give you an idea of how bad Intrawest is on crappy condos. Well there is a beautiful little church at the bottom of the village. It was a picture postcard kind of scene. The church was surrounded by these beautiful high pines. Intrawest cut all of those pines down and built this condo structure where the siding doesn't even match each side. So now when you want to take a picture of that pretty church. It is dwarfed by an ugly condo unit.
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TJ, I've visited your website several times, and posted my rant there after our trip last winter. You have a great website, and do a noble service for Tremblant skiers. I know the church you're talking about - what a shame. I think Tremblant hit it's peak about 5 years ago, before Intrawest got totally out of conttrol.

It's still a nice Village to stay in, even if it's a bit overpriced. And the hidden costs designed to suck cash from U.S. visitors is enough of a kick in the face for me, even without the crappy attitude toward the quality of the skiing. A $3/day "surcharge" on top of the Holiday rates just for Presidents Week, and not for Xmas week?

I'll go to the Eastern Township resorts next time. I can't think of any other Resort in recent years that has shown such disdain for its customers. It makes Mount Snow look good to me again.

Good luck with your mission. Someday those slimeballs will be knocking on your door, asking where they went wrong. I hope it won't be too late.
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Well Intrawest has already knocked on my door. Unfortunately they asked me if I would quit posting information critical of them. I replied: "well start telling the truth". They didnt' get it.

We will find it very interesting how they treat our ski test. Frankly they don't know what to do. Especially since we are helping a great charity like CADS.

But in the end all any skiing customer wants is honest info. Give that to them and you will have repeat customers the rest of your life.
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