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Etu 2004

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Good day to all. I can finally tell you what you've been wanting to know. the 2nd Eastern Tune-Up will be held on the weekend of Dec 11th 2004 at Stowe Mountain Resort. Bob Barnes is hard at work on the agenda for this years program, and we are expecting most of last years coaches with some possible exciting new additions. Pricing and so on will be forthcoming. We've been having a cold wet summer up here, hopefully, winter will be like that too.
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Just FYI. Round trip airfare from DC to Burlington on indepdence air is $140.
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what's Stowe like in early December?

How much of Stowe was open for ETU last year? Variety of trails available, conditions etc?
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marta, we had um, interesting conditions for Sat and Sunday, snowed something like 23 feet Sunday night on my drive home at least thats how I remember it! My understanding is that some who got snowed in had a blast that Monday!
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Originally Posted by marta
How much of Stowe was open for ETU last year? Variety of trails available, conditions etc?
Way more than the Creek
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If you recall, we were in the midst of that "huge dump followed by torrential rains followed by another huge dump followed by more torrential rains" cycle that went all through December. Unfortunately, it rained like hell three days before the event and then went into a deep freeze, so certain trails (under the gondola especially) were pretty iced up... "good training" as my stepfather used to say. To Stowe's credit, they had a handful of trails under the quad that were actually in decent shape. In other words, if ETU had taken place five days earlier, we would have had beyond incredible conditions.

Of course, on the evening of the final ETU day, another storm came in and dumped 30 inches of snow. Those of us who didn't go home (ME!) were treated to well over knee-high pow.
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That said, there was more than adequate terrain open IMO. Conditions were decent for most of the day but got a bit skied off later in the afternoons.
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It was exactly what I like to ski on (minus the twigs and dirt that got tilled up and frozen in of course). The twigs and dirt did a number on the surface of my skis, but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed. I got hurt the first day...my own fault... and missed the second day. I was supposed to stay until Monday, but being injured decided to head home. Too bad, I heard I missed a great day Sunday as well as a great powder day on Monday.
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Here are some pix from the second ETU day and the following day at Sugarbush (photos 30-48).
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James, that day at Sugarbush must have been an absolute blast! Although it looked crowded, I think a glimpsed one other person in one of the shots.
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I have some video of Bob Barnes and Doug Stewart skiing on the Monday after. I'll see if I can find it and post it. It's kinda muddy, but it can be like that when you are skiing in a blizzard.
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Oh, and by the way, let's all remember that the premise of this event is to start our year by skiing with great coaches and people. It's not about the conditions. Although the last two Decembers have had good conditions, we know that it's a roll the dice on snow, what we are really here for is the coaching, and as they say, if it's not snow that's good, it's snow that's good for you. I think that many of the participants and coaches felt that the "firm" conditions of Saturday and Sunday were the best thing that could have happened to the ETU. (This year, let's hope for firm on Saturday with the dump coming Saturday night and bluebird on Sunday)
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That'd be the best of both worlds, eh, Epic?
It doesn't matter to me as long as there is enough snow to ski on...I don't even care if only one or 2 trails with only man made are available (of course, the more snow the better, but at that time of the year...) You are right, it was the people that made the event great...not only the wonderful coaches, but also the people who attended.
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Thanks for the information, Erik!

As I wrote in last year's evaluation of the ETU:
"December in the northeast is a crapshoot. The coaching more than made up for a lack of perfect conditions and lots of open terrain."

What impressed me the most was the exceptional value of this clinic. As a ski instructor, I have attended numerous clinics with examiners and other excellent instructors. You couldn't buy this calibre of instruction with these coaches for the same price anywhere else!

Last year we all learned alot and had a great time in the process.

You'd be a fool to miss an ETU!

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BTW, any questions, queries, or qualms about ETU 2004 can be directed to:
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Originally Posted by teachskiljp
It doesn't matter to me as long as there is enough snow to ski on...I don't even care if only one or 2 trails with only man made are available
me too

One thing I like about ETU is that it is so early in the season, so we can start out right with new skills to practice all winter.

Besides, skiing in controlled speed on hard pack is one of the skills we could all learn how to do better.
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
Here are some pix from the second ETU day and the following day at Sugarbush (photos 30-48).
Those Sugarbush photos came just in time for a summer look back on my only real powder day of 2003/2004 season. I left Stowe after the ETU around 4:00pm to go back to my lodging at Mad River Glen and prepare to fly out the next morning to San Diego (business trip) from the Albany airport at 11:30 am Monday. With the heavy snow (weather service was calling for 30 inches in Albany by morning) I called NorthWorst and tried to convince them that they would not be flying Monday and should allow me a free change to a 6:00 am flight on Tuesday. After much pleading and a couple of transfers to supervisors I got my flight changed (no charge). Drove to Waitsfield for dinner got back to MRG and went to bed.

Next morning I dig my way to the car (which is buried up to the door handles) and wait for the plow (just to make sure I'll be able to get out after skiing). After our parking lot is plowed (9:30am) I walk down to the ticket window and start skiing. Few people, deep light snow. Ski my legs off. Decide to use the woods trail back to the lodge, big mistake. Spent 30 minutes bushwacking my way through almost hip deep snow to get to an area with enough slope to ski down to the lodge and car. Shower clean up, load car and drive to Albany to get a room for the early morning flight to SD. Able to work half a day on Tuesday in SD so I'm almost right on schedule with work. Best powder I've ever seen.
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Absolutely, the best thing about ETU was the instruction, and the conditions are really secondary. I was one of the newbies last year, and the ETU was an awesome start to my second skiing season. I can't believe how much I improved during and after ETU.

Check out http://www.http//winter.stowe.com/mo...now_report.php for five year averages. Unlike where I am in southern New England, Stowe has pretty much always had some snow by early December. Last year was, I think, a particularly warm fall and early winter, hence the rain that caused a lot of ice on the slopes. I'd bet that this year will be better.
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Awesome event. I'm glad that it will be repeated. My wife & I will be back to start the season. - Bb
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I am going to miss you guys for obvious reasons. But for anyone considering going, don't let the possibility of "bad" conditions worry you. After last year's ETU. I never had a problem skiing ice again. Given that skiing in the East is usually about skiing ice, learning to ski it effciently is a good thing.
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I would just like to add my support to the sentiment that the conditions at ETU are irrelevent. (Did i really say that?)...Seriously, this clinic is not about great snow or great terrain. Its about great instruction. Last year, I learned skills that i got to practice for the rest of the year. The instructors were superb and would have been in any snow conditon, short of all-out pouring rain--heaven forbid! ETU is a great experience and a great value. Please do not be disuaded by concerns over the possiblity of less than ideal snow--that is almost assured. So come prepared to have agreat time and bring your "rock-skis", just in case.
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Any more info available on the ETU yet? Instructors, exact dates, cost, any special lodging deals for the group, etc.
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5 year weather data summary

summary for weather and snow conditions

Click on the link above to view the five year average for weather and snow depth.
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Thanks BillA, something got lost in the translation when I tried to post that link.
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Any idea when you'll have additional information for us.
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BillA - I just got back from a trip to Block Island and Nova Scotia, and have been abit out of the loop. We will be having an organizational meeting this week, and I will give you an update after that. No promises on having all the answers right away, but I'll tell you what I can.
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Last night we had a very productive meeting, and hope to have pricing and so on as wellas a list of coaches pretty soon. We are addressing a few things that we think can be improved on from last year such as having a better dinner, and a more concrete agenda starting with an official Friday night meeting place.

A number of last years participants expressed interest in making this program into a three day event. We planned last year as a weekend only for a reason, many of our participants have a limited amount of time to ski, and could only work it on a weekend. We feel that that is still the case, but are considering adding an additional day of breakout programs with very specific focii in addition to the same complete4 two-day program. We don't want any one to leave on Sunday feeling the the program was in any way incomplete, so if we do have a 3rd day, it would focus on something completely different. We'd like your input on this.

Possible programs would include:
Gates - intro to racing (or beyond if al of the participants have soem experience in this realm)
Intro to teaching - basically an overview of PSIA Level 1
Alternative equipment - snowblades and the like
Alignment clinic (on snow) - this would probably be done before the 2-day clinic - we have some great people to work with on this if there is interest
Video clinic - if you dare, you can see what you REALLY ski like....
Conditions du Jour - as much as we'd like to have a bumps clinic, or a freeskiing clinic, promising such a thing in Decmber is a bit of a stretch (although last year we could have had a Powder clinic) in this one, we'd take whatever the mountain has, and ski it

All of these would have an additional cost associated with them, some could be more than others. We'd like to gauge interest, or hear suggestions we have not thought of, then as Capt. Piccard says, we can "make it so".
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I'd be very interested in an alignment session.
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Would the third day be on Friday or Monday?
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3rd day would be Monday (except we ould probably do alignment on Friday).
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